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Agatha Christie

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  • Has anyone read Murder in Mesopotamia?
    I borrowed the CDs from a friend, mainly because I wanted to see what the archaeological background was like.  I knew that Agatha Christie's husband was an archaeologist, and she went along on some of his digs.
    That was interesting, though she deliberately made the narrator, a nurse, completely ignorant of archaeology.
    However, disc 6 was missing from the box, so I don't know whodunnit.
    Can anyone help?
  • I enjoy reading Agatha Christie and probably read the book you mentioned but I can't remember whodunit. Not very helpful am I?
  • Eric Leinder is the same person as Louise's previous husband who was believed to be dead. Whenever she felt in love he would send her a threatening letter to kill her if she married that person. Later he caught up with her and they got married, but when she began liking Richard Carey he murdered her, trying to incriminate Miss Johnson. However, he killed her too because she knew his secret.
  • Thanks - I would never have thought of that twist!
    I had the vague idea it might be the monk.
  • Does the monk make a habit of bumping people off?
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