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Hi Debs

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  • You seem to have been missing for a while.
    Thought I would echo your post from before Xmas and ask if you've heard anything from the BBC yet.
    My fear that my script would come winging back the minute I mentioned it hasn't come true yet.
    Yes, that means I am still waiting...
  • Hi Courierjohn!

    Sorry I missed your posting and thank you Dee for emailing me and telling me I had a message! Well, I did have a reply from the BBC and it was a thanks, but no thanks. It seems that the longer they take to reply, the better it is for the author, because it means that your script is being passed through the system and being read by the right people, so I wish you all the luck in the world and fingers crossed!

    I sent my script to a big agency in London and they asked me if they could read my novel, which I had adapted it from. A week later I had a phone call to say that they loved the novel, but obviously couldn't publish it because it was already published, but they wanted to know what else I was working on.

    I was actually working on another script, which was originally going to be a novel, so I told them about this particular idea and they asked for the first three chapters by the New Year. I'm now just waiting for a response, so keeping those fingers crossed again!
  • The best of luck with the novel!

    I'm glad you were alerted to there being a message for you, but I can't take the credit for it. I don't even know how to from the information I have.

    Maybe Webbo's started writing under aliases - or he's starting a career as a ghost writer.
  • Thanks for the reply.
    I hope you are right when you suggest my script is going through the system.
    I was a bit cheeky in my original letter to the BBC by asking whether they would be willing to take a chance on allowing me to submit a spec script for a programme such as Doctors. They have, after all, given me excellent feedback on two of my previous scripts so presumably they detected a spark of talent no matter how small!
    I thought that would send my script winging straight back if nothing else, but it hasn't - as yet. (I wish I could stop tempting fate).
    They do say "who dares wins" - but there again, they don't tell you how long the game lasts. They have had my script four months now. And counting.

    A bit of a long shot I know, but the sister of one of my best friends is the managing director of one of the country's TOP literary agency's. She has read one of my scripts, thought it "a curious and unusual piece of work" and passed it on to another agent she knows who deals with scriptwriters. All very informally - doing me a favour, you're a friend of my brothers...you know the kind of thing.
    Anyway, it is another avenue and we need to have those if we want to progress

    Your news sounds really promising.  and I know you will keep us all informed.
    I still haven't got round to hunting your novel down yet. But I will!

    Good luck!
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