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Q about competitions

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  • Hello,

    I've been wondering for a while now...with regards to the competitions that are promoted in Writing Magazine, is it ok to submit work which is (auto)biographical and/or based on personal experience? Or does it have to be completely fictional?

    Thank you,
    ~ Phoenix
  • New to the writing world myself, personally I wouldn't submit an autobiographical piece unless stated. Dorothyd, Lixxie what are your thoughts?
  • Dorothy is far more of an expert than me, but I would suggest that unless otherwise stated the pieces are intended to be fictional.  Why not rename yourself and write the piece as if it were fiction.  I think many talkbackers would agree that fiction is based at least in part on real-life experiences.
  • I agree with Lixxie - fiction always has to come from somewhere even though we may not always realise it.  If your fictional work is based on fact who is to know?
  • As said before,much fiction is based on fact. A writing friend of mine, many years ago was really upset at an editor who had rejected his work because she said it wasn't realistic enough etc. They had written what had actually occured and it wasn't realistic enough. So I'd agree use parts in your fiction. There really doesn't seem to be much of an outlet for autobiography unless you're famous.
  • Thanks very much for your replies, they're v. helpful,

    love Phoenix
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