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Young adult comedy

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  • Could you help me identify authors/books which make young adults laugh besides Terry Pratchett? I'd like to understand the market better but I confess that I'm struggling to come up with names. Thanks!
  • Hi Howard. My son (20) mentioned these. Hitckhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - he couldn't remember who wrote it. Another was Brain Droppings by George Carlin. It is more short observations rather than a story. Hope this helps.
  • hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy: a trilogy of five books was written by douglas adams. do not judge these books on the film as where the film is still very good (in my opinion), it does not give the books or original radio 4 series any justice whatsoever. i find david eddings quite amusing but only because he uses my kind of humour: sarcasm. and yes i know 'sarcasm is the lowest form of wit', but nevermind. otherwise havent got a clue. i can try and find out from the library if you want? pounce on a few members of the public. i work in a library so i may just get away with it heehee.
  • Some of Jacqueline Wilson's books are for older readers, and can be quite funny despite the gritty realism - Tracy Beaker, perhaps?
    A lot of books written specially for young adults seem to be unrelentingly grim, though.  I'm thinking of David Almond and the chap who wrote the one about drug taking in squats.
  • My husband's family visited us yesterday.  I was happy to see that my 15 year old neice brought two books with her.  But one was the Jodie Marsh kiss and tell, and the other was "Being Jordan."  Oh dear.
  • Maybe a library could come up with the answer - perhaps an e-mail to a large British library? 
  • I'm very grateful for all your comments and suggestions which I'll be following up. The scales seemed tipped towards satire in general at the moment (if Amazon are to be trusted) but not for young adults. I suppose The Horrible Histories have filled the gap. My teenage son is reading a lot of fantasy at the moment but can't name any comic writers.
  • ok can i please point out that depsite my computer being set as to log me in onto this forum automatically, it sometimes seems to change my username. so 'gill' was actually me :S
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