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  • I am reading 'Once' by James Herbert, and I find it very long, a bit predictable.. and I hope it doesn't end the way I am thinking it will! Anyway, it's a modern adult fairy tale (definetly for adults only!) and at one point - page 268 - a fairy having a stroll in the woods with the main character says that there are many like her walking the earth right now and mentions an icelandic singer who 'hasn't adapted yet' and whose singing we find a bit strange. Well most of us know who she is... but what a strange thing to write...why mentioning it at all, even if he didn't write her name...?
  • Neigh - did somebody mention home?
  • JH has got to be one of my all time favourite writers. 'Once' gave me nightmares after I read the bit with the jar of spiders (which took me several days to read as it scared me senseless just reading it).
  • Lixxy... so you think she's one of 'them'?
  • Hi.  I have had a conversation with my sister today. Arachnaphobia is on TV this week, or past, but we both agreed that it was not a scary film. But when Moira mentioned the jar of spiders, that would be soooo creepy. Haven't read JH though. is it good? i not some of you say it is predictable.
  • Hi Fieldmouse! I have just finished the book and yes, it is VERY predictable. I wouldn't bother to read it unless of course you are a JB fan, but it's just my opinion of course, I hope I haven't upset anybody.
  • If you like scary stories read 'The Wasp Factory'  I think the author is Ian Banks as I read the book ages ago.
  • What else has he written? Haven't heard of him before.
  • Hi Kangaroo

    Have a look at www.iainbanks.net.  There are 11 fiction and 10 science fiction books of his described.
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