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Hi, the magazine gets better and better

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  • Seconded, Woll52!

    I'm also in the process of extracting WN & Writers News articles so I can find what I want (going back to WN's start,in my case!)

    What I do these days (for all kinds of cuttings) is have a ring binder for each subject (advice on writing, in this case), and use a clear punched pocket for each subdivision (I suspect I'll need a thick binder for WN!).  I put the pockets (labelled) in alphabetical order, and a list of subdivisions at the front. The files live with their subjects in our bookshelves.
    It works for me - meaning it's very little bother!

    An interesting phenomenon is how some sudivisions are duplicating themselves as the volume build up and subdivisions multiply (eg 'Pests and diseases' in Gardening and in Computing).
  • Hello, Webbo and everyone

    The magazine gets beter and better. I started to read it last night and in fact I am building up a database to create a series of theory notes of choice items in Writing magazine etc.  Also I am now a happier bunny with the website,particularly talkback. Well done, Woll52
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