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How do you...?

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How do I select a picture or icon from either my own images or elsewhere to use. I've looked at the page in the profiles section, but that bit is beyond me. Help?


  • Carol, it has confused me too. I'm just trying to work it out.
  • i don't think you can select one from your own comp...some forums you can but this one you can't...if you use something like www.photobucket.com then you can add photos there and gives you a url to use on forums etc...one you add your pic you just click on the "direct link" i think it was called and it copies...then you paste it into the box for icons...

    hope that helps
  • Only just found this section. It's too late to play with it now. But I too might need help here, I am something of a technophobe.
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    Well if those of you clever Tb's can explain to us confused ones, we'd be very happy.

    So if you use an icon, where do you find them?
    Thanks Jemma for that clarification.
  • Just trying what I have done.
  • choose a pic from your computer or internet and upload it onto photobucket or whatever you choose to use...

    hey how do you edit your post?
  • Ok so that hasn't worked then!
  • When you submit the post there is an edit underlined on the right hand side of the message- assume you click that.
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    if you're using photobucket they give you three choices of links to paste...use the one that says direct...not the one that they say is for forums...
    what did you do mutley?

    ah..i see the edit... didn't see it earlier...i did look for it...
  • JA. Photobucket????? I need help!
  • You can take it from a web site Carol but as you will see from mine because it is 32 x 32 pixels it doesn't cope with a large image. It will just crop it to size. Ifyou want to do it like that, go to the picture on the website right click over the picture and select properties -you will then get the url of the picture that you can paste to your account page.
  • www.photobucket.com i have just started using that.. sign up...and then it you click on the browse in the upload to box...from there you can find a pic on your computer and use that...then you click the big upload button...
  • Anybody got a copy of Icons for Dummies? This is all double Dutch to me.
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    why cant we have bigger pics...? the few forums i have been in that are free hosted sites have had decent size icons for members...
  • Thanks Mutley, that makes sense to me. Thanks.
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    just trying to add pic to the post...is it possible?

    i can't even add a smilie...sigh...oh well...
  • Carol - I havenow succeeded in loading a picture of my dog. I had to resize the picture (cropped to size) - then I posted it to a hidden page on my website. I thin lifted it from there for this.
  • Managed to get mine uploaded - 32x32 don't give you much to play with ...
  • I was looking for some icons yesterday but many of them said you can't load direct, so I will have to do some work.
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