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New Talkback Function - Preview

Hi Talkbackers,
I have now added a Preview Post function to the system.



  • Thanks Jon
  • That's great, we now get 2 chances to get it right - preview and edit - so there should be no reason for any glaring errors :)
  • edited January 2008
    I think I am right in saying that even after a message has been posted the writer can go back in and edit it. Let's have a test.

    Yup was right tee hee - this is fun!

  • But can you do it now, Lixxy?
  • edited January 2008
    yes I can - I just added the kisses - how cool is that?

    And I have just noticed that, if no-one has posted after you, any new post you put on is added to the one already on there - sooper!!!!!!
  • edited January 2008
    I've just worked out the editing thing too. How exciting!!
  • Great stuff - thanks Jon
  • edited January 2008
    Big help, thanks Jon. Makes life much easier.
  • Neat addition Jon - should get rid of all the double posts where the second is apologising for the spelling errors in the first! (Though it was often v. funny)
  • edited January 2008
    This is an experiment

    It worked
  • But you can't take the kisses away now, can you, Lixxy...please say you can't?
  • That made me laugh IK.
  • I'm still in the dark about icons.
  • Cooper - email me with what you want to use and I will help you sort it out. [email protected]
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