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July seems to be early this year

edited June 2006 in - WM and WN


  • Is it just me, or did the July edition of WN/WM arrive stupidly early this month? (in the UK, that is). I think it landed on our doormat on the 8th or 9th of June - only a couple of weeks after the June issue (which I'm still working my way through). Do the WN staff all have a holiday at the end of June and have an extra-special rush to get the magazine out before they all swan off, or something? ;-)
  • Yes it was about the 9th - that's the date it said was due too from looking at the June issue which I'm still reading too!  Perhapo Webbo had to get off to that hula island? :0)
  • It was probably all to do with the Bank Holidays being so close together, and deadlines etc. On the other hand they may just have been extra efficient this month.
  • Go on then, Webbo...
  • If July is early this year, what about 2007? I have seen Isle of Wight 2007 calendars in the shops ... do they think the tourists aren't coming back next year to buy them, or something???
  • It's a pity they don't get here early. The wait is painful. I can't wait to read the things you guys talk about.
  • We just make it all up to taunt you, Kangaroo ;)
  • Poor newastea and kangaroo.
  • spelt the name wrong - nenastew, sorry.
  • Are you not allowed to subscribe from abroad, then?  What a pain.
  • I think you can.  What about all those markets for the US, Australia, South Africa, etc?
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