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Richt's runner up story

edited January 2008 in - WM and WN
I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Richt's runner up story for the 'Photo' competition, which is now on the website. I can't believe it didn't win. I particularly liked the underfloor heating comment!

I do wonder how they judge these sometimes - in my view this was one of the best I've read and the winners often seem quite weak to me. Maybe they just don't want Richt to win ALL the prizes!!!

Well done!


  • cant find it
  • On the home page, at the bottom of left hand side it says 'For full list of stories click here'. It's then third one down on left called 'The Auditor'.
  • found it. read it. Brilliant!

    I, too, sometimes wonder about the judging. Often the runners up seem better, to me, than the winners. I sometimes wonder what they're looking for.

    Brilliant story. Richt. Underfloor heating!
  • Yes, I like the underfloor heating comment. And the last paragraph really great.
  • Great story Richt - liked it a lot.
  • I will read it soon, my eyes are growing tired, do it tomorrow
  • loved it Richt - really good last line.
  • Well done, Richt. It's a very good story.
  • Thanks to all for your kind comments. Sometimes a story comes up which is really fun to write - that was one of them.
  • Richt, are you entering the modern ghost story comp?
  • I hadn't intended to. Thought I might have a go at the DSJT Charitable Trust Ghost story comp, though, if I can get something together by the end of the month. I have the idea, it's just a question of getting down and writing it :-(

    I've also got to get something out by Thursday for the Slingink Eurofiction comp (great fun), and I see the Chapter One International Short Story Comp deadline is also the end of the month. I've got enough to keep me busy for a bit!
  • You're doing very well, Richt. How many comps have you won?
  • Nice. Do you ever have trouble coming up with ideas for stories, richt?
  • Rebecca - five wins, one 2nd, several runners up. However, although winning is nice, I find getting short-listed is just as encouraging.

    Isabella - Sometimes an idea won't come, or an idea comes, but loses its sparkle when you try to write a story around it. Usually, though, ideas just seem to pop up from my subconscious without any problems.
  • Well done richt. One of my resolutions for this year is to enter at least one comp a month, it's something I've not attempted before. I have one out at the moment and one going out out the end of the month.

    Quite agree about when an idea won't come or doesn't come out right on paper - I;ve tried to do the modern ghost one but it just doesn't feel right.

    Best of luck with your entries.
  • Well done richt. I liked it.
  • Excellent story, Richt! I really enjoyed it.
  • I am looking forward to finding time to read it. I'm still clinging to my one short listing!
  • Richt, have you seen the letter in March WM about your winning story? Very admiring (and quite right too!)
  • Well done, Richt :-D
  • Well deserved praise.
  • No I hadn't noticed it (I'm usually months behind with my magazine reading). Thanks for pointing it out (and for all the nice comments). I must say it really feels good to have inspired someone.
    Now if only I could get the writing muscle working again...
  • Richt: glad I'm not the only one who takes days to read the magazines. I've nearly finished February's WN (which I considered quite good going considering we're only just out of January), I still have February's WM to go, and March's arrived yesterday! I'm going to end up with a huge stockpile of unread magazines at this rate...
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