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WM courses ? Your views ?

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Apologies as a newbie if this is a much-covered topic but haven't found it on searching, browsing.

Been reading about WM courses - particularly interested in the Novel Writing course. However there doesn't seem to be as much detail as I'd like before signing up - tho it does sound very interesting. I would welcome comments from anyone who has been on the courses. It seems a very reasonable price (see also the London School of Journalism "Thrillers - Writing a Best Seller".

Is the course via email (need this as often away from home/office) ?
What is the average time taken ?
Has anyone sold a novel after taking the course ?
Is it suited to thriller-writing and/or crime-thriller writing ?



  • Quick welcome to Talkback. I've not done any of the courses, but I know others have, and you may well get the answers you seek.
  • Welcome pragmatist. I can't help you either but I'm sure someone here will be able to. Have fun here, we're a friendly bunch.
  • Welcome pragmatist. Yes, you can choose to do the WM courses via email if it suits. I think you are supposed to do them within a couple of years but it is flexible to circumstances. I'm sure they would be happy to answer any concerns before you commit if you contact Rachel.
  • Many thanks for the kind welcome msgs. Nice friendly forum.

    Another small question, I emailed rachel.bellerby twice about the £49 critique special offer advertised in the mag but have had no response. Also emailed Webbo as all the links were broken (now fixed) but again got no response (I am a techie for a living so could give lots of detail). In terms of paying for a course, this worries me a bit - am I just unlucky (grin) or are WM too busy to email back ?
  • I think you are extremely unlucky - I suspect the emails haven't reached Rachel for some reason. Could you try phoning?
  • Pragmatist - I did the short story course and am now doing the Lancaster Universtity Novel writing course - I would rather email outside the site if you have an email address. My email address is in my profile.
  • Mutley. Is that an online course? What qualification do you get? Is it expensive?
  • Welcome, Pragratist! Y es, we're a friendly bunch.
  • It costs £99 - it is totally on line. You can put it towards a certificate in writing or similar. You get 20 credits for the course and they do other creative writing courses too. THere is a stage 2 and 3 to the novel writing for a start.
  • I've done the poetry course. No formal qualification are given - just a certificate to say you've completed the course.

    I found the course very helpful.
  • Welcome pragmatist.
    I did the WM novel writing course a couple of years ago.
    I am a beginner and felt a bit daunted by all the clever people out there.
    I havent published anything yet.
    The course gave me a lot of confidence and made me feel that I can do it.

    Before starting the course I was asked about my interests and background and what I wanted to acheive. This was then used to match me with a tutor, a published author.

    I did the course via email and found everyone to be helpful.
    I completed the course in approx 3 months but as mentioned by someone else time to complete is very generous and flexible.

    I would recommend the course to any new writer but I'm not sure how helpful it would be to someone with more experience.
  • Hi, Pragmatist. Welcome to Talkback. Why not say 'hello' to everyone on the Welcome Writers discussion/thread?
  • Hi Jay et al

    OK - will say hello - not quite sure what to say (small voice) but I shall scour the forum to see the form !

    Thanks for the welcome - hope to be visible here in the future - but shall attempt not to be posting when I should be writing !

  • Hi again, Pragmatist (you must define that for me - is it the same as realist?).

    To say 'hello' to everyone,

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    Good luck!
  • Hi Jay Mandal

    Sorry - I am drafting an entry - do lots with fora - but a bit (pleasantly) surprised to find a really friendly one where you introduce yourself! I use the sailing and technical fora and people are "quite feisty" to put it bluntly. Have beenseriously flamed, especially on American sites. However the issue of introducing my very newbie writing is a difficult one so I am drafting it offline so I can revise it !


    P.S. pragmatist is the flip side of my partner who terms himself pessimist ! (accepting realist would be my definition) "derivative moi" ?
  • Yes, it's me again! Why not enter our One Word Challenge? If you're confused, just yell!
  • Hi Webbo

    Thanks - your links are all now fixed so don't worry about that. I will email Rachel again. I don't tend to put my email address on accounts - call it paranoia if you will but I get so much spam that I'll shortly turn into a fritter !

    Kind regards
  • Just wanted to add thanks to Rachel Bellerby who sent me 2 emails following up on this thread. Don't know where my earlier ones went - but hey it was raining a lot at the time. WM/WN have a great offer advertised in the Feb magazine for £49 !

  • What offer? Which page is it on?
  • Ooh heck - need to dig around for the mag. However, in summary, it is to review one of :

    * novel - 3 chaps & synopsis
    * non-fiction
    * 3 short stories

    none more than 9,000 words. Special offer £49 - rachel says they will be doing this for the next 6 months - sounds a great incentive to me !

    To find out more email [email protected]
  • Thanks Pragmatist I've found it.
  • So Wilts - I was about to say "what is your poison ?" but after that unpleasant news report yesterday I'll ask, instead "which takes your fancy ?"

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