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Who's in March 08's magazines, due out 31st Jan?

edited January 2008 in - WM and WN
Who's in March 2008's magazines (due out 31st January)?

If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and which page. And the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name.


  • Is it that time already?
  • Is it def. 31st of Jan, thought it was middle of the month (that is what it is usually)
  • February is a shorter month, so I'm assuming that's why it's coming out at the end of January, otherwiase it would be the 7/8th, and it would only be a few weeks until the next one comes out.
  • Just as well you reminded me, Jay - the taxman calleth my name and maketh me pay over my monies by 31st Jan. Nearly forgot it was so close!
  • February has an extra day this year because it is leap year. Hi Carol!
  • Oooh get that money paid quick, otherwise you get nasty penalty charges of £100 a day.
  • Would the taxman liketh a cup of my delicious tea?
  • I'm sure there are a lot of people who might consider they deserve your tea.
  • Did you know, and I do because I have done it, you can pay the taxman on 31st Jan with a cheque, and the money leaves your account the very same day? How does he do that? As for £100 a day, I'd be lucky to earn £100 a week at the moment...
  • Hubby's tax is up to date, but he received a form from yet another tax office, and he can't actually provide the answer they want, because they have ruled out any of the possible answers as being acceptable. He's got to speak to the accountant as he thinks they may have confused him with a guy down in London of the same first and surname as him who has gone out of business.
    He hasn't long got the mix up of records with our oldest son, fixed.
    They just don't work like they used to.
  • I think we have hijacked Jay's thread.
  • Yes sorry Jay, you know what we're like, smack my wrist/hand, whichever you choose.
    I think you'll have to start this just over 24 hours before the issue is due out, to stop us highjacking the thread.
  • We'll have none of that S & M on this site, Carol!
  • *insert my usual comment about how stupid it is to have the magazine come out so far in advance of the cover date*
  • Any tax service - Inland Revenue, IRS, ATO, whatever - is right up there with the mills of God ...
  • Getting the mag in advance of the cover date means more time to work on a story for the latest comp!
  • My copies have arrived this morning.
  • There might be something about BeWrite in there, Carol.
  • Yes Jay, WN, middle of page 12.
  • Found it! If anyone has a book they're hoping to have published, I suggest they read the article.
  • Mine's here ... I'm off
  • My first copy (delivered to my door, that is). I'm now a subscriber. I'm off, too...
  • mine is here to
  • My mags have just arrived. Has anyone else noticed that in WM a letter on p66 is repeated on p68?
  • Mine's arrived, but I haven't read it yet. I've opened the Writers' News and found Practical Caravans would like some articles, so might have a go.
  • When I finally get back to Spain it sounds like I'll have quite a backlog to sift through. Ho hum.
  • Mine arrived this morning but I've not had time to even tear open the shrink wrapping. Just having a little break now.
  • I'm first on the shortlist for the 'No smoke without fire' short story competition. It looks good, although I know it's only because my surname comes early in the alphabet!
  • Congratulations!

    Did I ever tell you how I set light to the fish fork?
  • Well done M. Set light to the fish fork?
  • Well done montholon.
  • Yes. I've got the knife left. You might say it's a sole knife.
  • Sole knife? Sounds fishy to me.
  • Well done Montholon!
  • edited January 2008
    I haven't got my mag yet. Maybe tomorrow.
  • There's always tomorrow - well, we hope.
  • Thanks, everyone. It's always good to get congratulations and support from the Talkback family.
  • Hang on, where's my comment gone?

    I thought I'd posted:

    Ah, but tomorrow never comes.
  • Well done, Montholon!

    Verica - When you said "I've opened the Writers' News and found Practical Caravans ..." I thought for one mad moment they'd put the wrong magazine inside the WN cover!

    Jay - What's the story about the fish knife? Is it a red herring?
  • Well done Montholon
  • Knowing Jay, it's a big red herring.
  • True, nevertheless. It's probably lurking elsewhere on Talkback. I'll have a look.
  • Saw your shortlisting Montholon, well done.
    There was a letter complimenting one of the Talkbackers winning stories.
    I thought that letter sounded familiar Rebecca, but couldn't think why.

    Well done everyone.
  • Any more?
  • The star letter on Page 34 of WN is from someone who lives in Stirling and mentions talkback membership. Could this be someone familiar to us?
  • Re the winning story in WN - why was the new neighbour baking all those cakes? Maybe I missed something. I'll have to read it again more carefully.
  • How I set light to the fish fork

    Well, I didn't use to do the washing-up every day, but I did try to clean things properly when I got round to it. So I would put the cutlery in a saucepan to boil. One day, the wooden handle of the fish fork caught fire (it was a gas cooker and the handle must have been sticking out over the flame). So we now have a fish knife, but no fork to go with it.

    Then there was the day I dropped a clock on my foot while I was in the bath. But that's another story.
  • Mmmmm. Only you Jay. :-)
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