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March 08 edition - is it out yet ?

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Went into Smiths yesterday and still no sign - but it is a small branch. Have you seen it on the shelves yet ?

(And no I'm not subscribing at present - had just bought a copy of Writers' Marketplace 2008 when I saw the offer - so hoping for another offer at the end of this year :) )



  • yep, bought my issue of march 08 writing magazine...yesterday, i think, or tuesday. definitely this week. also accidentally bought a 2nd copy of february 2008 writers forum. i'm such a writer magazine junkie!
  • Well, I'm a subscriber (not a happy one) and I haven't received my copy yet. Apparently the dead line for receiving is 14th Feb.
  • You might need a main branch of Smith's, Pragmatist.
  • Hi Carol - 'tis a 50 mile round trip and then hell to park. So far the Minehead one has always provided but normally 7-10th - just got hopeful as some had said it was out early this month. I shall wait in hope and expectation !

  • Always worth asking if they have been delayed, and also how many they usually get- just in case they don't get many.
  • Don't know how but I believe I got mine on the 31st January or it might have been the 1st but I think it was the 31st - Sorry to those yet to have the pleasure.
  • I've had mine for well over a week too. Many small newsagents are usually happy to take regular orders for a mag they don't automatically stock. It's worth asking, rather than just keep looking on the off-chance of finding a copy.
  • Can't recall exactly when it arrived but I've had mine for a few days, too. You'd think if it could make its way right down here, then those a bit closer to home should have them by now.
  • Hi, Pragmatist. The discussion/thread

    Who's in March 08's magazines, due out 31st Jan?

    says when some people received their copies. Hope you find one soon.
  • I'm a subscriber but still haven't received my copy.
    I sometimes wonder why I subscribe since the magazine always seems to be in the shops long before I get my copy.
    Oh well I suppose it will be worth it when it eventually arrives.
  • Mine was fairly prompt
  • Mine arrived a day early for a change. Wonder if they're done alphabetically?
  • Sob ! Checked WH Smith's again today but no luck. HWMBO got his Linux Format but no luck for me and I will be away for the next few days - marooned on a boat on the River Dart ( I hope). If I hadn't bought Writers' Marketplace 2008 before I found WM I'd be a subscriber now ! BTW - have found WM 2008 excellent (apart from the list of magazines which doesn't have those I'd targetted) - much better than Writers' & Artists YB IMHO
  • Our Smith's had copies still, so it must be that your local one sold out before you got there.
  • Soobdoo, I'm glad I'm not the only one.
  • Nope - not sold out - just don't put out the new one till the last one's gone IMHO. However, new query - when does WN come out ? When I got the Xmas WM it included the WN, Young Writer & a free "how to write".

    Any clues ? (Have tried the WN website)

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    It varies a bit. There are lots of discussions/threads beginning

    Who's in [month's] magazines

    Hang on. Better just go and check that's right.

    Yep, if you go a search on

    Who's in

    you should find the dates.
  • *shudders* I've just started on March's WM (which means April's must be just about to drop through the letterbox...), and UGH..... Gyles Brandreth...

    I'm sorry but that is the most insufferably smug "author interview" feature I've ever read in WM. It didn't help that Judith Spelman was basically gushing all over him.

    And I'm still having nightmares about that cover photo...
  • You think that's bad? He was our MP...
  • She does have a tendency to gush.
  • Still haven't received my copies yet
  • If your subscription hasn't run out, then ring them up and tell them.
    Like the icon- even if it did confuse me for a moment!
  • Bad luck McB! :-)

    I've got a Tory chinless wonder as MP at the moment, but hope our Labour guy gets back in. I know him, he's a nice guy, ex-docker, not aversere to helping out with menial envelope stuffing duties! :-)
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    Neither have I, John, although, after some complaining, I finally received my Writers News.
    I'm not a happy bunny and emailed them again this morning to ask where my Writing Mag had got to (last time I got no reply) but I'm seriously considering cancelling my subscription AGAIN.

    My guess would be that they haven't got any left and I'm not going to get one EVER but if that is the case I would have liked to have been told (don't quote me - it is only a guess)
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    Amboline, did he have a scarf nonchalantly thrown over his left shoulder, in the pic? That really makes me cringe and I only ask because I HAVEN'T RECEIVED MY MAG YET.
  • Ring up, it's much more effective than e-mails generally.
  • I am beginning to hate the interviews with a deadly hatred.
  • No scarf, IK, just a grin and the 'hand in chin' pose so beloved of authors and celebrities everywhere (and which personally I hate!)
  • He was on Richard and Judy plugging his book, they could hardly get a word in and that's saying something.
  • Carol, I prefer email as I have proof of what I've been told.
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