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Who's in April 08's magazines, due out 6th March?

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Who's in April 2008's magazines (due out 6th March)?

If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and which page. And the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name.


  • Still waiting for March's mags to arrive!
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    3 days to go.
    CJ, did you contact them and say it hadn't arrived.
    When my issue went astray during the postal strike, I rang on the Monday and my replacement copy arrived on the Friday.
  • Hi Carol.
    It was orginally my own fault because I had forgotten to allow for the direct debit to go through having spent all my money on frivolous things (food, bills etc etc).
    But I did phone them, sent them a cheque, apologised profusely and the charming young lady at the end of the phone told me I was back on the system and that I would be receiving my copies of March's magazines.
    As it was my own stupid fault I am reluctant to ring up again, but if my April mag's don't arrive then I think another call will be in order
  • Ah will probably take a few extra days then as it was a cheque. They may arrive within days of one another.
  • As my magazines arrived today, I thought I'd bounce this to the top.
  • mine haven't arrived yet!
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    Oh, very funny. I'm still waiting for my March Writing Magazine.

    CourierJohn, I'd give up on your March mag and start bellyaching now about April's. You just get it before these lot start getting their May issues then.

    Me, angry? Not yet, but I'm heading that way :(

    And I didn't have a DD issue. I paid up front for the whole year and got Jan and Feb's with no trouble.
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    Now I've looked at the wrapper it wasn't WN/WM that arrived this morning - it was Private Eye! Sorry!!
  • easily confused ...
  • Yes - they are very similar!!!!

    There's a story in PE about a woman in Staffordshire who has a pre-payment top-up card for her electricity meter. She went to a shop and put £5 credit on it and on the way home the £5 was swiped off by a pelican crossing!
  • :)
    So we will all be poised by our letterboxes tomorrow morning.
  • Wrong thread to use that word poised! Please take it to the one word challenge and use it there.
  • :P never thought of that.
  • OK people, me is in Writers News, page 32, article on the way people walk. Tell me it's rubbish once you've read it ...
  • Well done Dorothy!
  • After having the post arrive early all week, today it is late!
    Looking forward to reading your piece Dorothy. (Have to agree, how people walk can tell you something about their personality and how they're feeling.)
  • I love the way John Wayne walks...
  • Boo hoo! The post has just come- no magazine yet! Sob...
  • Just read your article, Dorothy. I found it really interesting and very useful when considering how to portray characters. Thanks.
  • Got mine this morning (still waiting for March mag) but haven't opened it yet.
  • Well done Dorothy.
  • I was shortlisted in the 'Letters from Abroad' poetry comp. Also noticed one of our members was shortlisted in the wheelchair story comp, but not sure if I'm allowed to mention it!
  • After only just getting the March magazines last week I was amazed when April's dropped through the letter box this morning.
    I'm looking forward to a good read later on put couldn't resist having a look at Dorothy's article. Well done Dorothy. I enjoyed it and found it very helpful.
  • Mine haven't arrived yet - but I've read a good bit of Private Eye and it includes a very funny review of Jordan's latest "autobiography", not to mention all her (ahem) other books!
  • Well done Heather - I was going to enter but ran out of time. I wrote th piece and entered it elsewhere. I am still waiting to hear.
  • Well Done Dorothy. I look forward to reading your article. I thought it was too good to be true, receiving March's issue a day early last month. No sign this morning.
  • Well Done Heather.
  • I read your piece Dorothy and thought it very inspiring. Thank you.
    I do worry though about all the people who are now going to think me very strange as I intently watch them from my dirty-cup laden corner table as they saunter up to the cafe counter! (and there's another thing - I rewrote that last sentence as the first version read as though the people were sauntering from my table and I thought 'OOH Dorothy won't like that!' . So that's something else I've taken on board)

    On a separate point, has anyone else noticed that the competition entry fees have gone up in this issue?
  • Wilts, that happened to me last month, day early, but not got it today.
    Congratulations Heather.

    I have a notebook somewhere with a half hours observation of people walking by a seating area- where I was waiting for my husband.
  • Well done Heather.
  • I found your article very interesting, Dorothy. Shoes do make an enormous difference to the way people walk - even the same person in different styles.

    Congratulations, Heather, on being shortlisted. It's no mean achievement.

    There are a few lines about me in Members' News (Mixed bag of success). The item follows a long telephone conversation with someone from WN after I responded to an appeal to report recent successes due to leads in the mag. The phone call caught me on the hop, so it's rather a mish-mash, I'm afraid.
  • still publicity, good stuff, welcome it!
  • Still waiting for mine too - expect it will arrive tomorrow - I am not in it this time, but my publisher apparently is - with news of their new X-books website - kind of like the X-factor for books. Sounds interesting ....
  • Well done Heather.
  • Very good and observant, Dorothy!
  • In the same boat as you Carol - non-arrival.
  • I'm still waiting for last month's (March issue). Phoned them today and was told they would send it and I should expect to get it in 7-10 days. No apology or explanation, though... :(

    (Just previewed this - the sobbing smiley is a bit over the top - I only meant to look a little disgruntled!)
    To restore the balance: :)
  • Has no-one noticed Peter Smith aka James Barrington featured in the lead item in Writer's News?
  • No, but I had noticed montholon, well done!
    Also well done to Heather and Dorothy.
  • Congratulations Heather and well done to Montholon too.
  • Hope mine arrives today, want to read all these items mentioned. :)
  • My April mags arrived yesterday but not had time to look at them yet.
    I have given up on March's offerings
  • "You've all done very well," said young Mr Grace.
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    Thanks, Jay, although that makes me feel very old! I used to love 'Are You Being Served?'
  • Still no sign of my magazines. Thought getting them a day early last month was too good to be true. Congratulations to all those who have made it onto the page. Looking forward to reading them all when I eventually have the magazines to hand.
  • Mine was waiting when I got home from shopping.
    Saw in passing the items by TB's, and will read them properly over lunch.

    But the proof reading errors still remain- WN p36. Derby Prizes item, ' Poetry judge is Paul Groves, twice winner of the Times Literary Supplement Prize (twice), amongst others."

    Congratulations to all featured.
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    Got mine today - and horrified to read about that man whose book was dropped by Radio Five Live when they realised it was self published - if that was me I would really be kicking up a stink !

    Congrats to all though who are featured
  • Well Done Montholon. Not read it yet as still waiting for mine to arrive. :P
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