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Rhyming Test

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I was going to enter the Rhyming Test in this months WM but I am not sure I understand the rules. Can anyone help please? It says write an eight-line rhyming poem in which line two ends with the word 'page' and line four ends with the word 'might'. Presumably that means that the last words of lines one and two must rhyme and the same for lines three and four. After that have I got licence to write anything or must the rhyme continue i.e. lines one and two of the second verse rhyme with page and lines three and four rhyme with 'might'? Sorry if I sound confused but that is exactly what I am.


  • Good questions. I hadn't got as far as reading the rules yet, that's a job for Friday.
  • I was confused too.
  • E-mail the magazine and ask for clarification.
  • I am entering this and I am of the opinion that the whole poem rhymes and you just have to make only lines one and four end in the words they specify.
    It can be on any subject.
    Someone wrote an example on here a few weeks back, but I can't remember who, check in the poetry section.
  • I assumed you could make up your own rhyming scheme - e.g, as you said davaaris, or lines one and four rhyme, and lines two and three, and the same for the second half, or any other structure that has some form to it. I agree with Kayetanne that the whole poem should rhyme somehow though.
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    I've written one with abba cbbc rhyming - as long as you've got the words requested in the right place and the whole thing rhymes then you can do what you like.

    Good luck all

    Katyanne - I wrote a short poem on here but it's not my entry:


    Older age
    written page
    failing sight
    failing might.
    Alter gauge
    mind is bright -
    take a look

    As far as I'm concerned it obeys the rules.
  • We had our annual poetry competition at our writers club this Wednesday, and a few of the entries were ryhming ones, some worked, some didn't- because of how different people pronounce and read the words to how the poet was using them.
  • I enjoyed writing that one, too, but haven't decided yet whether to send it off.
  • Just as an update to everyone, I did email WM for clarification and they promised to get back to me. I'm still waiting.
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