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Who's in June 08's magazines due out 1st May?

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Who's in June 2008's magazines (due out 1st May)?

If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and which page. And the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name.

Remember: if mentioning a story, don't give the ending away.


  • Feck me, is that out already? I've only just finished reading the last one... And April was rainy... If May is sunny I probably won't finish this edition (when I get it) until sometime in June when.... argghghhghghhghghgh.
  • I am going to be in Writers News, under Members' News, featuring my novel "Charity's Child" (pen-name Rosalie Warren). Not sure if it's going in the June or July issue - hope it's the June one.
  • Having just googled you and read the blurb, I think I might buy this... Sounds like a good read.

  • I promise I won't spoil the end of the story this time. :)
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    Hi, Random Guy (and Rosalie). I've just brought the thread Round-up of Reviews to the top for you.
  • Well done, Rosalie!
  • Brilliant Rosalie! Well done! I'll deffinately look out for the article in the next issue. I
  • congratulations, Rosalie!
    check out WN, page 32, my article, A Sense of Place.
    Better go try and write some more ...
  • Jay, great letter in WN! Congratulations1 Very well said!
  • Congrats, Dorothy and Jay!
  • Haven't read them yet, but spotted Jay's letter (well done) and another familiar name in the short story shortlisting - not mine, unfortunately!
  • Post hasn't arrived yet.
  • Congrats everyone ! Still waiting for my mags to arrive from 2 months ago ! Better go see if i can get from WHSmith or somewhere
  • Nope, no post yet. I wonder which letter it is ...
  • the one that starts what do bananas, chocolate and coffee have to do with books?and you got the star letter, Jay!!! I just realised that! WHHOOO HOOOOO!!!!!
  • Seen it! Wowee! I sent three to them, and was told that they might publish the other two. My goodness - a Fisher Space pen!
  • I thought it was a bit of a joke at first, but now I love it, small, but good, takes up little room in my bag and will be my signing books pen when I do the book launch, I think. I normally use a fountain pen, how much do you want to bet it clogs up or runs out of ink in the middle of a squiggle that passes for my signature??
  • I'm still waiting for the postman. Well done Rosalie, Dorothy and Jay. Look forward to reading your stuff!
  • I haven't even started reading May's issue yet! Where does the time go?
  • Great news, you three! Well done! :D
  • Well done Dorothy and Jay!
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    What's the theme of the published stories this month? I still haven't received May's magazines yet, so I'm not optimistic about getting the June editions either. I'm losing track of competition results....can one of you lucky people who have been sent all the magazines tell me where we're up to? Thanks.
    Oh, and congratulations to everyone with a published contribution. I look forward to reading them all, if and when I finally receive my copies
  • Congratulations Dorothy and Jay! :-)
  • Wonders will never cease! Got the June mags this morning- and a shortlisting in the Motorway story. I'm so, so pleased - not quite a winner, but near enough to give me a bit of confidence.
  • Well done, GG!
  • Brilliant GG, that's great!
  • I haven't had the mag yet, but congratulations Dorothy, Jay and Rosalie!
  • I saw your name Jay, and start to read and thought 'bananas, what the hell?', but a good letter well argued.

    Just skimmed your article Dorothy, I will be reading it tonight.

    Rosalie, I had a suspicion that was you!
  • oh no !!!!!!!!!!!!n I have just foned WN to ask whats happened to my mags...and they have hads to set upa new DD etc. I said I particularly wanted May's issues and they send they would send me complimentary copies till subscription goes through. Now I realise its JUNE I need !!! GGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
  • Well done, Glasgowgirl! :)

    I have a problem in that I subscribe to WM but not WN! So can't see myself, boohoo. Do you think they'd send me a copy if I asked nicely?
  • I'm still waiting for the post, so well done Jay, Dorothy, Glasgowgirl and any other TB's in the magazines this month.
  • Well done everyone and especially GG - I was shortlisted a couple of years ago and it is an amazing feeling. I still have the clipped section on my wall - along with a congrats card from a buddy. Every time I feel down about my writing I just look at that and it makes me feel all fuzzy. Yes, I know I am desparately sad but heyho...I don't care!
  • My magazines have just arrived, so I'm madly wripping the plastic cover off to look for everyones items. :)
  • What nice people they are at WN ! I just phoned them back and said I HAVE to have JUNE issues - and they said they will send them ! Dying for the bananas letter ....and everyone else's stuff.
  • Let me know if you don't get it in the next couple of days Lexia - I will scan and email the bits you want to read if necessary. That of course is on the assumption that mine is waiting for me at home!
  • GG, congratulations!!!
    Thanks for good wishes and congratulations, everyone. Feels good and is just what I needed.
  • Read Jay's letter, Dorothy's article, and saw two other TB's were shortlisted in the WM competition.
  • Well done GG! Excellent!

    Didn't we tell you not to give up? :)
  • Well done, GG! :-)
  • Viv also has her 'colour' article in WM this month.
  • will read that when I get home. Congratulations, Viv!
  • Well done Glasgowgirl and Viv!
  • what was the poetry comp this month?
  • To enter or results?

    I didn't see any results - just a short story in each of WM and WN.
  • results, Heather I can't remember which poetry comp it should be this month in WM
  • There wasn't one at all, Kayetanne.

    The two stories were Motorway Services and Murder, from the December issues, and neither of those issues had a poetry comp in them.
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    hmm...have I spent £44.95 or whatever it was to read dorothy's article, and Jay's banana letter? oh and Rosalies piece...and GG's !! ;) you better be worth it people !!! :) :)
  • Oh they are, they are!!!!
  • That WAS a joke folks !!! You are all PRICELESS ! Seriously ! xx
  • Well done everyone! Mine haven't arrived yet. :(
    GG - definitely don't give up on those stories now.
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