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Who's in August 08's magazines due out 3rd July?

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Who’s in August 08’s magazines due out 3rd July?

If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and which page. And the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name.


  • Grief, each month comes round so quick.
  • Where has the month gone? Where has half a year gone?
  • My copies have just arrived in this mornings post.
  • I have mine too.
    My name is on page 10 of WN re my Swanwick poetry win.
  • not had a chance to look at the copies yet, but well done and congratulations to all who are mentioned, starting with Kateyanne.
  • I've got mine, but I'm waiting until after the tennis to read them. I'm too hyped up!
  • Well done Kateyanne, and any other TBers in the mags!
  • Well done to all who get a mention including Kateyanne and Josie.
  • Saw your mention in the Swanick bit, and another TB'er got a mention there too. And someone wrote in response to Jay's letter last month- not a TB I should add.
    Well done to all.
  • I was shortlisted for the Cautionary Tale comp! (Karen Messruther):P
    I see there's an article about Josie's Pop and Crisps blog on p12 WN.
  • Well done HM. I missed Josie's mention, so I'll read it this afternoon.
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    Congratulations to everyone who's been mentioned.

    The last letter on page 17 of WN is confusing - the writer seems to be answering his/her own question!
  • Congrats Highland Midge what was your poem about? And congrats to Josie.
    Has anyone read the ghost story in WM yet?
  • Thanks Katyanne. My poem was about a health food fanatic whose work colleagues turn on her when she hides their chocolate and coffee. They lock her in the photocopier room, barricaded in with all her healthy food. She tries to eat her way out, and ends up exploding. I thought it was so original, but apparently nearly everyone else wrote about exploding foodies too! :P
  • Yes I saw that!
  • Mine have arrived today, a day early! Not had a chance to look at them yet. :P
  • Congratulations to all of those mentioned, especially Highland Midge. I entered the Cautionery Tale with a poem that for once I felt confident was good enough to at least be short listed. That will teach me to start believing in myself! So back to the drawing board then. ;)
  • Believe in yourself, Mutley, because if you don't, no one else will. Believe me... Carry on trying. If you felt you had reason to be proud of something you wrote, you probably did.
  • Mutley - You whispered me your poem and you were rightly proud of it. Mine wasn't shorlisted either, but the judges did comment that they had an overwhelming and excellent response and that no-one should be disappointed not to be chosen because of this.
    In my view, both of our poems were excellent - just some other people's (like HM) must have been a bit more excellent!! :)
    Well done HM, and to all the other mentionees this month.
  • Congratulations Kateyanne, HM and Josie. :P
  • Well done!
  • Just got mags - about to read them tonight. Well done in advance to everyone mentioned/published/quoted.
  • I usually devour mine as soon as it comes but have had a lot on today... but congrats all those I've read about above!
  • The dogs usually try to devour mine - but daughter got to the post before them today !
  • Heather - Mentionees - great word!
  • yes, it is!
  • Has Lexia's daughter really eaten her magazines? :D
  • hehe @ Jenny !
    DUH ! No but as she is 8 months pregnant seems like she will eat (almost) anything at the moment !

    Rather like the wonderful puppy who yesterday chewed through the car cd player - while it was on the chest of drawers, not in the car, mind you.
  • Can't believe the mags arrived this morning and I have already read them both greedily. Now I have to wait another month! It's so nice to see people's names in there you recognise from Talkback - it gives you a little thrill! Well done people.
  • Not who's in the magazines, but what ... !

    Have you seen the theme of the short story competition at the bottom of page 6 in WN?!!!!
  • Just had a look - :D
  • Either of you intending to have a go? :D
  • On page 3, the picture of Peter Walker with his award. He was our club President (until he had to give up last year) and came to the 80th Anniversary celebrations. We heard about this award a few weeks ago when he updated us on everything he's been doing writing wise. He is a charming man.
  • Jenny - hmm, on reflection, no :D Thanks, I think I'll pass! (I shan't say any more...)
  • I got my magazines yesterday and turned to the Members News section of Writers News straight away. I was delighted to see that they had a write up about the release of my novel, 'Hitler and Mars Bars' on the last page of MN. Seems to make it more 'official' when you see write ups about it. It's listed under my married name, Trimble, though the book is published under my maiden name, Ascroft.
  • Stirling, I don't know how you can wait until after the tennis to read WM, the suspense would drive me up the wall!
  • Well done trimbell, I'll look at that.
  • yes well done Trimbell
  • Well done Trimbell, it sounds like that story really wanted to be told.
  • well ,has anyone read the story in WM? I thought it was odd that the woman didn't recognise the ghost of her uncle herself. He had died just a year previously.
  • not got to the story yet, will take a look. I often disagree with their 'winning' stories choice.
  • Would the louts really have been scared of a ghost?
  • that's another thing I thought too.
  • Can't wait to get my copy - Good on you Trimbell !
  • Trimbell - Good luck with the book!
  • Well done Trimbell!
  • OK, read the story now. It's badly punctuated, weak and lacking in any kind of verve or punch. Overlong and filled with chatter. Who cares what they did when they went out? It's the lift which is the story! Implausible in the two senses others have mentioned.
    Now to see if anyone at WM reads the postings on here ... that judge should not be allowed to judge.
    The esteemed former editor, Richard Bell, did a whole article on not using a comma before and, and there they are, liberally scattered throughout the story. That's point 1. Point 2, using dashes instead of rewriting the sentence. Lazy. Point 3, 'you shouldn't use that lift Miss, it's 'aunted.' Where's the comma before Miss? It's not one sentence, it's 'You shouldn't use that lift, Miss...'
    'Have you been out today, Auntie?' I enquired sipping my weak tea. Comma after enquired, please!
    I'm not the world's best writer, but I am a good editor and these things leapt at me as I read through this. I wonder how Celebrity critic Kate Walker missed it all? Or was this the best story of the bunch? Couldn't have been, surely TBers were in the collection somewhere to be judged!
    Now I know why I rarely read the winning short stories ... !
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    Dorothy - There are several errors in the magazines this month.
  • Yes, I noticed one, but that was just on a quick brush through- haven't had time to sit down quietly for an in depth read yet.
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