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Bringing together 'Writing Buddies'

edited August 2008 in - WM and WN
How about a Talkback Category called 'Writing Buddies' - or a special Classified Ads' facility - with the aim of making it easy for writers to find a 'writing buddy'? This would be a peer interested in the same genres, who would be willing to co-operate by reading and honestly commenting on their buddy's work - in return for the same service. This would be invaluable for early feedback. (It would also offer successful writers the chance to 'put something back' to help those writers whom they feel have promise.) If this was handled in a separate facility on the website, it might be a good idea for writers seeking a buddy to publish a couple of paragraphs of their work there, with information about their publications success, in order that a potential buddy can assess whether the writer is a suitable peer. Information about their degree of success in the chosen genre should also appear to help potential buddies assess them. Mention of their location would also be good. This could also lead to some great friendships! Or is there a facility like this somewhere else on the web? Anyone know?


  • I think this is a good idea. I don't know of anything official on the web -it may be part of other sites.
  • You need to put this idea to Jon - Webbo - if this requires - and I think it does - a seperate category on Talkback. I'm sure many would find this useful if they are willing to give ad take criticism/comments without offence! Hello ewordsmith!
  • where have you been since 2005????? signed up all that time! Are we scary??? Good idea, if it can be done without upsetting people ... Anyway, how about re-introducing yourself on the Welcome Writers thread?
  • sounds a good idea to me! :-)
  • That's true D -how terrible if someone whose writing you don't like, chooses you...

    How could it be done so no-one gets hurt?
  • Something similar may have been suggested before. I may search for old discussions ...
  • critiquecircle(.com) has everything you may need and stories 'up for review' each week are sorted into genres.

    I feel I have made friends with members of that site from all over the world. You can participate as little or as much as you want to.
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