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Who's in October 08's magazines due out 4th September?

edited September 2008 in - WM and WN
Who's in October 2008's magazines (due out 4th September)?

If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and which page; and the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name. If you spot someone else, please let them post the details here.

Remember: if mentioning a story, don't give the ending away.


  • Part two of my article, How to Get Published Without an Agent, will be in October's WN.
  • I should be in the Members News section with my book Captain of the Wight.
  • Congrats to you both...more great TBer achievements
  • Yay! Well done both.
  • Looking forward to this month's issue. Well done Midia and Dorothy.
  • Congratulations Midia and Dorothy.
  • Well done, Midia and Dorothy. I look forward to reading your articles.
  • Has anyone got there magazine yet?
  • Congratulations Midia and Dorothy. As usual I haven't seen the magazines yet. I look forward to reading your articles.
  • Thanks for reminding me,. It's out today. I look forward to reading these articles
  • Congratulations, Midia and Dorothy. Looking forward to getting my copy so I can read your articles.
  • thanks people. No magazines here yet, and I pick up the mail from the Sorting Office, so ... where are they, Warners???
  • yes indeed should be here today, perhaps they are still on their summer hols?
  • Our post hasn't been yet, or there wasn't any. :(
  • Haven't had mine yet.
  • Nor me... I rushed to get the mail I can tell you when I saw the date on this thread, mine have never been late before...

    I suppose it has just been August and they might all have gone away.
  • Oh good so it's not just me then - I was looking forward to coming home to read WM and WN...I get home and nothing not one piece of post for me.
  • Same here and mine have never been late before either. Maybe it's the extra effort of enclosing the Competitions Guide!
  • Just noticed that the runner up stories are on the website already, which is a bit earlier than usual.
  • My post didn't arrive till mid afternoon, and it was very disapointing that the magazines weren't in it. :(
  • I didn't get mine, either. Very unusual.
  • Well, it makes a change for me to not be the only person not to get their magazines on time - expect it will be next week for me now. :(
  • My subscription's lapsed so I'm getting it from WHSmiths now. It wasn't in yesterday, so I'm going to annoy them again this morning.
  • my post has just been and still no WM.
  • Ditto Kateyanne!
  • Congratulations, Midia and Dorothy! :D
  • Where is it where is it where is it?
  • Didnt get mine ether
  • edited September 2008
    Mine either.
    And WM is in Smith's today, so it looks like Stirling will be getting hers first.
    Didn't they say that subscribers should get their copies first, and if they didn't to let them know. I think I will be sending an e-mail to the subscriptions department.

  • edited September 2008
    They did say to contact them if it appears in the shops before you get your issue - does not seem to make the slightest difference in this neck of the wood....:(
  • Haven't got mine yet either.
  • Do you think an e-mail to the subscription Department and both editors?
  • Yes Carol this is happening way to often.
  • I saw a plastic thingy in the mail this morning, got all pleased, and then found it was Prediction magazine, which I am dropping anyway! (in a manner of speaking.) Having said that, it says for October 'if it's a case of negotiating terms for a loan or the launch of a new business venture, the prospect looks bright.
    That's when the editor is coming to the island to talk. First time I have known Prediction get it right, in a year!
    Apart from that, and diabolical typoes again,(they need a proof reader) they have the pronunciation of Samhain wrong (Halloween) they have "so-wuhn" when it is "sa-when". Oh well, even more reason not to renew my sub.
  • this is the first time mine hasn't come on time
  • I had a free afternoon and was looking forward to reading it as well.:-(
  • hope it comes by monday, I'm on holiday for a week
  • Haven't got mine either. I thought maybe our postie was on his way by canoe! It's been pouring down all day and the Ure looks likely to burst its banks again before long. What a summer!
  • (Dorothy - think you'll find just as many people disagree with your pronunciation of Samhain. Irish pronunciation would be "sow ihn", Scots Gaelic would be "sah vin" and Manx "sow in". Personally I haven't heard either of the two pronunciations you mention!)
  • It's in WHSmith but I'm NOT buying it when it should jolly well turn up in my Big Red Box! I had trouble with Writers Forum, too (they've changed the publication date, so the WHS manager says) but it's in WHS as well today. Now I've 'met' some of you, I shall look forward all the more to reading your articles, some sort of personal interest! So well done Dorothy and Midia.
  • Dorothy, same thing happened to me, thought it was my magazine at the bottom of the post pile and it turned out it was the latest Bravissimo catalogue!
  • Carol, anything good in it this time? Love some of their stuff!
  • I got mine from TESCO there's a letter from Jay promoting Talkback (have you got shares in the damn thing, Jay?) and a rather elegant letter from LOUISE (treleaven). So elegant, in fact, that I will have to dig out last month's to see what she's referring to. Well done both.
  • Yes HS there's a few I will be buying asap. :)

    Let's hope our copies turn up tomorrow.
  • Nice work Jay!
  • Thanks. Yep, letter on page 66 of Writing Magazine.
  • Hopefully they will turn up today.
  • Well done Jay!
  • Got mine but have to go to writing group before I get a look in.... see you later
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