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poem in todays Daily Mail

edited September 2008 in - Writing Tales
Great! Just noticed I have a poem published in todays Daily Mail ( the Peterborough page) called'What Autumn means to me'


  • hey, clever you! Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Fantastic! Well done. How did you manage that? Do they have a regular poetry slot?
  • Congratulations! Well done!
  • Well done kateyanne!
  • Yes, Paulh they do, usually comical ones. I emailed them one last week and hey presto!
    No payment, but all publicity is good!
  • Excellent. Full of suspense.
  • wonderful. Well done.
  • Wow, Kateyanne that's brill. Will it show up online?
  • Couldn't see it, Liz. Kept seeing stuff about Eastern European immigrants.
  • I don't think the Peterborough page is online, Liz,
  • Great news, Kateyanne! Well done. Another feather in your cap - if you wear one, that is...and have a feather... anyway, it's good to add to your CV.
  • I had a look and they don't seem to have put the Peterborough column on it- they have about half the columnists they used to feature before they had an update.
  • Well done, Kateyanne!
  • Well done Kateyanne! :)
  • That's great, Kateyanne - well done :)
  • Well done to get published in a paper with a great circulation :D
  • Are you a star Kateyanne, or what !!!!
    Well done you !! :)
  • Well done.
  • That's a lovely poem, Kateyanne. Well done!
  • Well done, Kateyanne! It would be nice if they paid for the contributions, though - people put a lot of effort into the Peterborough column, and it's a very popular bit of light relief :)
  • That is good news, Kateyanne.
  • Well done, Kateyanne! :-)
  • I'm so impressed - well done - you've made the national press.
  • Good shot, Kateyanne!
  • Well done, Katyanne. Have you tried any of the weekly magazines? Several of them publish a poem each week.
  • I agree mcbemused.
    Wordy which magazines do you mean? do they pay?
    ps whenever I see your name Wordy I think of the schools prog 'Look and Read' did you see that?
  • Well done, Katyanne!
  • Good for you Katyanne. Well done.
  • Just read your poem Kateyanne, courtesy of my next door neighbour, I enjoyed it. Once again well done! :)
  • Katyanne, several women's weekly magazine publish poems on their letters pages. I have certainly had one published in The People's Friend and The Lady accepts poems up to a maximum of 25 lines according to their guidelines. Suggest you browse the magazines checking their letter's pages. Generally there is a small payment as with letters but at the time my poem was published The People's Friend sent a caddy of tea!

    Wordy did indeed feature in Look and Read, a programme I used for many years in teaching. The graphics were fun and the tunes catchy and children really enjoyed watching the programmes and following the serial each week. My original choice of name for this site was taken and Wordy came to mind as an appropriate alternative.
  • Congratulations, Kateyanne. Money isn't everything and it's good to have your name in a newspaper with such a wide circulation.
  • Managed to get hold of a copy of the paper today. Well done!
  • Thanks Wordy will look at those.

    Yes, I too watched Look and Read with my classes.
    I liked the Boy from Space and Dark Towers!
    They really helped children read I think.
  • Well done Kateyanne!
  • Well done, I actually cut it out because I enjoyed it. It is beside me on the desk as I type this.
  • really? That's nice, made my day to hear that! Thanks B Darter.
  • Good one, Katyanne!
  • Don't forget you can now say 'As featured in The Daily Mail' when you refer to yourself!
  • Has anyone noticed that one person gets his contributions in the Peterborough Column all the time? This week he had a poem published on Tuesday, a limerick today and two weeks ago nearly the whole column was given over to him?
  • [quote=JC Byrne]one person gets his contributions in the Peterborough Column[/quote]

    It's not Peter Borough is it?
  • Well done!
  • 2008 yikes...
  • [quote=dora]It's not Peter Borough is it? [/quote]

  • There seems to be a select few of people always having something published in the Daily Mail. I hope that it's ok to name names but have you noted Nick Fletcher of North Yorkshire. He is mentioned regularly and he often gets his photos published on our local Look North weather map. Another lady is Yvette Cooper of Cheltenham/Gloucester. Apologies if I have your name wrong Mr Ben-Nathan of Bucks appears quite often too.
    Are you TBers by any chance?

    I do believe that I may also have seen a certain Maggie Cobbett??? I know that she writes a bit you know!
  • LizLiz
    edited May 2013
    I'm afraid I wouldn't have my name in the Daily Mail for love nor money (sorry Maggie) but it's true.

    What'll probably happen is I will be embroiled in some terrible scandal and I'll be put in against my will.
  • edited May 2013
    I know. For one thing they printed that article by that awful woman who wrote about Stephen Gately, didn't they?

  • [quote=Liz]I'm afraid I wouldn't have my name in the Daily Mail for love nor money (sorry Maggie) but it's true.[/quote]

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