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Still waiting for my subscription to start

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I subscribed online to WM and WN on the 29th September. Yet as of today (14th October) the direct debit is still not setup and i'm still awaiting the confirmation email. Yet the email I received when I subscribed said ...

"Dear ###,

Thank you for your subscription order to Writers News and Writing Magazine magazine.

Your order will be processed in the next few days and a confirmation email will be sent to you confirming that your Direct Debit has been set up."

That's some "next few days".

I sent them an email four days ago and am still waiting a reply.

They don't appear to be very quick of the mark.



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    Maybe it's not their fault. I expect the banks have other things on their mind at present. :-)
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    Yet a direct debit I setup on the 9th Oct for insurance for our new puppy was processed in 4 days (13th). Both are setup to come out of the same Scottish bank.
  • Have just had an insurance company spend $800 on an assessor to investigate my $800 claim
    and then paid me out. I really wonder about some of these paper pushers.
  • Perhaps another email to the subscriptions department or even a phone call?
  • Oops. Did it to me again, Pongo. :D Looks like I'm minutes behind you all the way today.
  • looks like on 'who wants to be a millionaire"
    Fastest finger first.
  • Certainly suggest you ring rather than e-mail.
    Some e-mail systems have been having problems this week apparently.
    I know when I've set up a subscription for a gift, the first mag is usually the one after the next one due.
  • Thanks Carol i'll try that
  • Well I had a reply from the subscriptions department on Tuesday lunchtime saying...

    "Thank you for your email I am currently looking into this for you and will respond with an answer shortly"

    Here I am on the Friday night and i've heard absolutely nothing since.

    Maybe it's me, but shortly does not constitute 3.5 days in my mind.

    Am I being impatient?
  • No! Try telling them you want to cancel. That may shake them up. :)
  • Might just do that :-D
  • maybe i am being impatient after all
  • So has the sub started yet?
  • The December issue will be out soon.
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