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Who's in May 09's magazines due out 2nd April?

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Who's in May 2009’s magazines? The magazines are due out on Thursday 2nd April so DON'T EXPECT THEM UNTIL THEN.

If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and which page; and the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name. If you spot someone else, PLEASE LET THEM post the details here.

Remember: if mentioning a story, don't give the ending away.


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    May already? I haven't read April's yet!
  • It comes round so quickly each month.
  • It does - so true.

  • Mine arrived today.
    Have to say WM is improving.
    There are letters from writers responding to that tutor who used the outline of a writer who was at their workshop. (One of the letters is from Bead Roberts, who is a lovely lady and very good writer. She's giving a talk to our club in June on writing short stories for competitions.)
    Haven't had more than a brief look but didn't see any obvious names yet.
  • The winning story in WM is very good, really enjoyed it and the ending was unexpected.
  • Just got my copy...will read it with lunch. Which I'm getting now *goes do that*
  • Just seen a name I recognise.
  • Mine arrived this morning. I've not yet opened the wrapping.
  • Mine's just arrived, but I'm not allowing myself the luxury of reading a single word until I've completed today's target of 1500 words towards my latest novel.

    See ya later!
  • Mine arrived this morning. Not had a chance to look at them yet.
  • mine came this morning too, but i haven't even touched last months writers news!
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    [quote=Carol]The winning story in WM is very good, really enjoyed it and the ending was unexpected. [/quote]

    (Blushing) That's mine.... Thank you!
  • What's the obsession with knitting on the letters page of WN?!
  • Anyanka, I thought the face was familiar but couldn't remember where from- Talkback/another writers group etc.
    Very well done. :)

    Lou- at least knitting is a harmless hobby...;)
  • well done Anyanka, look forward to reading you rstory.
  • I just read the story and thought it was very good well done Anyanka
  • Congratulations Anyanka! I just had to go and read it after seeing Carol's earlier comments. I too enjoyed it. A worthy winner!
  • Thanks, thanks and thank you!
  • I haven't unpacked my magazines yet, but in advance of reading your story ...

  • Jay, good to see you mentioned.
    Anyanka, congratulations! Brilliant story!

    Other than that, same old same old ...
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    Again?! Better have a look ...
  • I am the only one who hasn't suscribed :(

    I will get mine saturday...Then read the last two next week.
  • According to the magazine details, the next issue is out on Thursday, April 16th. So is it the 2nd or the 16th???
  • VivViv
    edited April 2009
    Got mine today too, and I am shortlisted in the cinquain poetry competition.
    Also a bit worried about Jane Wenham Jones's article about pen names, as the editor has recently bought (but not yet paid for) an article of mine on the same subject, and even with the same title, which I was told in February would be used in a couple of months- so now I am wondering if he might not use it at all?
    Congrats to Anyanka - I will read your story in bed tonight.
  • saw both your mention and jay's, Viv. Thouhgt the story was great Anyanka. well done!
  • well done Viv saw your name.
  • Well done Viv!

    Anyanka, I really enjoyed your story. Gripping throughout. Very well done!
  • Saw Jay mentioned in a letter, and Viv's shortlisting in the poetry competition- well done.
  • congrats to all TBers who made it into the pages!
  • An apology all round. I got my magazines mixed up. Yes WRITING MAGAZINE is out today (just picked mine up at WH SMiths). It's WRITERS' FORUM out on the 16th. Silly me. Hope I haven't confused anyone. My face is still red!
  • Never mind, no matter. I shall look forward to the 16th!
    Anyanka - that was a truly original use of window dummies! Very, very well done, loved it. Got me thinking, too ...
    Well done Viv, O she of many talents ...
    Haven't read any more of it yet, too engrossed in my 'Ruso and the ...' book (Downie)
    And then back to Thursday Job 2 later ...
  • I enjoyed reading your story very much, Anyanka. What an unusual theme!

    Well done, Viv - nice to see a familiar name!
  • Well done, Anyanka and Viv, and any other Talkbackers in the mags!
  • I read your story in bed Anyanka, as promised. Enough to keep me awake feeling spooked! Love it though. Heard back from the editor today about my pen names piece and he is still going to use it (Hooray!) as it takes a different angle to Jane's - but he didn't want them both to appear too close together. Look out for it in a future WM!
  • I'll watch out for your article, Viv. What's your full name?
  • Vivien Hampshire
  • edited April 2009
    I was tempted to give Anyanka a clue: tell her your surname is a county and see how quickly she guessed!!
  • Good name! Jenny, I probably would have gone for 'Kent' first...
  • my copies are ready to go out to my friend in South Africa. I've read all I want ... Anyanka, your story has stayed with me! That rarely happens, so congratulations on that one!
    The article on writing historical fiction contained such a glaring error that in responding to his opening paragraph (which was wrong - you can go away from history and make a damned good book out of it, Freda Warrington did with The Court Of The Midnight King, it just needs imagination, he has people writing 'history books' instead of 'historical books.' Bad one.
  • That's a big "oops" for someone giving advice to writers.
  • Haven't read that one yet.
  • Great story, Anyanka! Well done, Viv!
  • well done everyone .x
  • Anyanka - Good guess. I use Kent as my surname when I write kids poems! Rosie Kent (Rose is my middle name)
  • Page 6, Writing Magazine - is the definition of semidiurnal correct?
  • I've now read your story, Anyanka - very good!
  • I'm getting mine today!!!!
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