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Who's in June 09's magazines due out 7th May?

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Who's in June 2009’s magazines? The magazines are due out on Thursday 7th May so DON'T EXPECT THEM UNTIL THEN.

If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and which page; and the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name. If you spot someone else, PLEASE LET THEM post the details here.

Remember: if mentioning a story, don't give the ending away.


  • Is anyone expecting to be in this month's issue?
  • I know a letter was accepted but am not sure when it is going to appear, they didn't say.
  • I should be there. WN Short Story comp. I hope so, anyway - I could do with the money!
  • I was hoping to resubscribe this month, but my paymasters have other ideas so I won't be reading it again :(
  • C'mon, please. I haven't even read APRIL yet, or May, now you're telling June is out next week. I give up. I really do.
  • finished mays yesterday :D bring on june!
  • there really is so little in it that is worth reading, you can skim read the articles, as I do, and be done in about 15-30 minutes tops. The only thing really worth reading is the letters.
  • I really enjoy the articles, though I'm not that experienced a writer yet.
  • Me neither. I find I just lose interest...
  • I don't think it's as good as it used to be. Shame really, I always looked forward to reading it.
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    Do we get 'past it' as it were, the how tos are not for us any more when we have been writing for a long time? Or is it the tone of some of the articles, which often seems very patronising. Diana Cambridge is guilty of that with her Helpline, she does talk down to those with genuine queries. Greta, with her computer clinic, doesn't, she's helped me a lot.
    So,if I don't read the profiles (never having heard of the authors, why would I be interested) don't like the Helpline, don't need poetry, screenwriting, children's, SF, how tos, it leaves the short story winners and the readers letters, the Members news in WN and that's about it! As I said, 15 - 30 minutes tops. It has got boring, too many profiles as if that is all we need, other people's success stories in fields we are not likely to go into.
    You could spend a happy ten minutes playing 'spot the typos'.
  • Maybe they should survey their readers? Do they read this forum?

    As a newbie I'm finding them really useful, but quite obviously from the comments here they need to cater for everybody or they won't stay the course.

    As a family historian I still occasionally buy the 'Beginners' genealogy magazines in case something comes out or up that I wasn't aware of. But then, new records are coming online at a fabulous speed so it's different. I guess with writing, once you're established then you probably don't want anyone telling you 'how to'.

    So, what WOULD you like to see in the mags?
  • I wish there was more poetry like in Writers Forum where they go over a poem and show how to improve it instead of odd little snippets telling you where to get ideas.
    Also I'd like more on writing for children, again WF does this well.
  • I wish I could let you read mine Randomguy. I wouldn't mind lending it to you.
  • I only just got my May edition! But it's the last one. I've decided not to resubscribe. I just don't find it as useful as I used to. I'll pick it up at the newsagents if I see anything in it that looks interesting. (I know I'm going to kick myself though, when you all start discussing something that I'm not going to be able to see for two months).
  • Some of the questions asked on TB aren't featured in the magazines, like how do you plot a novel, how long does it take to plot the novel, how do you bring the emotions of characters alive and so on. Margaret Geraty does her best, so does Chrysse Morrison but it doesn't always give new amateur writers everything they want. The editor said he wanted more nuts and bolts writing stuff but it hasn't appeared. It is not useful to me any more. I looked at WF but wasn't impressed enough to want to buy it again.
  • what one is better, WF or WM?
  • WF is definitely edging ahead of WM.
  • I agree with Carol.
  • Have to say that the latest WM was better but it was still relying on a lot of the older regular columns. And I do think it is currently falling between two extremes trying to update but not as radically as it needs to yet.
    WF did have the advantage of being able to do a full scale change all at once. They do seem to take articles from those who have a reasonable level of expertise in their subject area, but might not be expert enough for WM- at least that seems to have been the case previously.
  • Got May's WF and am finding it particularly good this month. I won't be rushing into subscribing yet. I do enjoy WM and WN.
  • i've just been treated to a new subscription! My first copy will hopefully arrive this week. I've been pouncing daily on the postman just in case (anyway i think he likes it!).

    its not fair wilts, i haven't got april or mays edition (my mum took pity on me and posted a march copy, but i've re-read that about as often as i want to now!)
  • I always find Stuart Palmer's articles interesting.
  • He's good.
  • I like Margaret James' articles. But I do find that I never actually read the whole magazine, then the next one will arrive, and I'm finding that they're piling up in my house and I can't bear to recycle any of them. I may have to start tearing out useful articles when I run out of space to store them. :o) I might be subscribing to too many magazines, they're arriving quicker than I can read them! :o)
  • Due out today (7th).
  • Hopefully it will be on my door mat when I get back from shopping. :)
  • I hope I get mine today too!
  • got mine and my letter is in WN. Cut back, of course, a few sarky comments about David Young's terminology were removed, because it would have cast aspersions on the editor for not catching them, I guess! The points I wanted to make are there, which is really what matters. I more or less said he was talking out of the back of his head, without saying it like that.
  • 7th May and I received mine 10.45 am.
  • Waiting for dad to come in from work, imagine he'll bring it in with the rest of our post.
  • Just got mine and had a quick flick through. Well done to richt.

    A pity to see that WN have stopped publishing the shortlists for the comps - only the winners and runners up are given. A shame, as it is such a boost to see your name there and ecnouraging for the future.
  • am waiting on the nice post man hope mine is there
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    Yes mine have arrived too and I saw Dorothy's letter, and a winning Talkbacker in the story competition in WN- well done.
    Didn't see anyone I recognised in WM.
    But I do like the letters page being nearer the front.
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    And our postman (*cough*Dad*coughs* ;)) Has just 'delivered' mine to me. ie: he dumped it ontop of my laptop :rolleyes:
  • :rolleyes:
  • Got mine. Agree with Heather I like seeing the short lists too.
    Well done Dorothy.
  • just got mine :)
  • Why have the short lists gone?
  • i've not got mine today... i was really looking forward to it, especially after losing the chicken yesterday. boooo
  • ((((((((Amanda)))))))))

    Where's the hug thread?
    *Goes to look for it*
  • Got mine today. Only a quick scan so far but spotted your letter Dorothy. Well done!
  • I read the winning short story. Good writing, clever construction of the storyline, very well characterised. I just wish the unsympathetic Nora had depicted us mediums a bit better, is all.
  • Richt's story in WN is excellent. Well done, Richt.
  • Haven't read either of the stories yet.
  • A TBer is in the letters in WN.
  • Superb story, RichT. congratulations!
  • Great story, Richt. Enjoyed it. Congratulations!
  • Good to see your names, Dorothy and RichT!
    But why so few letters in WN?
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