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Erotica on hold for Black Lace and Nexus at Virgin

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  • not enough buyers, I guess.
  • That must be bad news for the authors!
  • "Black Lace was founded in 1993, and celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2008."

    I think we could have worked that out for ourselves.
  • The Black Lace editor and I fell out years ago. Then she tried to patronise me at a writers' conference ... that kind of patronising writing, we aren't clever enough to work it out for ourselves how long the imprint has been running, is typical of their attitude.
    Fortunately for me, the book she rejected out of hand with some savage criticism became the first ever Silver Mink book in a new imprint from Silver Moon. It took just one week from rejection to acceptance. Without alteration, BTW.
  • The latest news...


    they are increasing the number of books too.
  • interesting move. They have a way to go go catch the people I am with, though.
  • sent this link to my editor, who was more than interested, so thanks, Carol, we are busy discussing a new imprint to match them!
  • Hmmm I think the xcite books are very poor. Especially in comparison with the likes of Silver Moon. I never bought any 'Black Lace' books but assume they are as tame as the xcite ones? I don't know.
  • I found the Black Lace books to be tame, Katinkia, I much prefer Silver Moon and Chimera (I have written for both of them).
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