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Who's in September 09's magazines due out 6th August?

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Who's in September 2009’s magazines? The magazines are due out on Thursday 6th August so DON'T EXPECT THEM UNTIL THEN.

If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and which page; and the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name. If you spot someone else, PLEASE LET THEM post the details here.

Remember: if mentioning a story, don't give the ending away.

Please can someone bump this up for me on 6th August? Thanks.


  • Stan, you are three days early.
  • Better earlier than later. How are you dora?
  • Fine, on my hands and knees in the porch, eyes staring at the letterbox, waiting for the day my magazines will arrive, Stan. And surviving the holidays quite nicely, thank you.
  • KazKaz
    edited August 2009
    Bumping this up in advance cos sometimes my copy arrives early!
  • Not seen it yet, but it should have my article about being part of the judging process for the recent Poetic Republic poetry competition. It's 1800 words, so should fill 2 pages in WM, plus they are going to publish the winning poem alongside it if there's space.
  • Just got my copy! I'm in the Members' News section of Writers' News (right in the middle of the mag), entitled 'Second novel delight for Rosalie', with some blurb about 'Low Tide, Lunan Bay'.

    I'm now going to look for Viv's article - well done, Viv.
  • Congratulations Rosalie!!
  • Has Writing Magazine published the name of the winner of their 200 word Kitchen competition which closed in June?
  • Well done Rosealie, just got home and copy on the mat so will go off and have a read.
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    I don't think this is giving anything away ..

    Re the prizewinning story in WM - do you think it's suitable for children?
  • Got mine today as well very early this month lol
  • Got mine today. My piece is on pages 56-57 of WM, plus my pic on page 3 ( No, not that sort of page three pic !)
  • Well done Rosalie and Viv.

    I was shortlisted in the Street life Poetry Comp. Page 26 of WM!
  • :) Yes, saw your pic there, Viv, though haven't had the chance to read your article yet...
  • Yay, KateyAnne! Go, Gal! Well done. When ya off ta Swanners? (O winner of a second holiday there!!!)
    And well done Rosalie, I saw you, and Viv (you look younger every time a photo comes up, how's that done?) I'll go read that in a mo
    Well done, folks.
    Jenny, the story was fun and I thought fine for children, particularly all the poo and sicky bits. What might you be giving away? Tell, tell, tell....
  • Congrats, KateyAnne (sorry, our posts crossed).
  • Viv, I throughly enjoyed your article! I've often wondered those things, too (won't give anything away...)
  • Ceka - I thought it might give children unsuitable ideas!! (Still trying not to give anything away!)
  • well done everyone
  • Mine came today. Not had a chance to read them yet. Not even a scan through. Well done Viv, Rosalie and Kateyanne.
  • congratulations to all. My direct debit didn't go through so I don't get it any more. Just sending you all congratulations, though.
  • JENNY! What are you trying not to give away? Is it by One Of Us?
  • edited August 2009
    Congrats Rosalie, Viv and kateyanne. Looking forward to meeting you saturday, KA.
  • Congratulations to Rosalie, Viv and Kateyanne. :-)
  • Must go and get my copy today.

    MUST read all the other months too.
  • Don't suppose anyone has noticed if there is a letter in the magazines regarding the icons used for markets? I submitted a letter a couple of months ago and realise now my subscription has lapsed so I won't get this month's issue to check.
  • I haven't got that far yet ...
  • I haven't even got mine yet! They didn't have it. Hopefully get it today...
  • Congratulations to Rosalie, Viv and Kateyanne.
  • edited August 2009
    Mine was here when I got back.
    But did see WM in WH Smith's in Dorchester yesterday, so saw the article by Viv.
    Congrats to all who got a mention- I saw your item Rosalie. :)
  • Just read your article, Viv. A novel - or should that be poetic? - way of judging. Possibly fairer, certainly easier on the judges themselves.
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