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Richard Milward - Ten Storey Love Song

edited August 2009 in - Reading
Can I please recommend a fabulous, cutting edge, foul read that will have you gagging then giggling on the same page...

Ten Storey Love Song is set in Middlesbrough and features a host of characters you will hate, adore and want to cuddle or chuck out of a window.

Milward's first novel Apples was, mmm, y'know, okay, but his new work is well worth a look if you have a strong stomach.



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    I've heard great things of Mr Milward and the one or two pieces I've read of his seem very promising. He also sees quite ambitious in the writing style department. Anyone writing a whole book in one paragraph has to be worth a look for his audacity alone.

    This one's one the 'soon to be bought wishlist'.

    Thanks Morbid for the heads-up.
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