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Authors taking pay cuts of up to 50%

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  • More of a case for self-publishing then?

    Good authors will continue to see their work in print, with a spot of hard work, and for me a 50% salary of being published is still publication. Mind. Not sure I'd say that if I'd several books published already and had gotten used to the income.
  • Re my earnings as a novelist: 50% of nothing is still nothing!
  • [quote=Viv]Re my earnings as a novelist: 50% of nothing is still nothing! [/quote]

    Pretty much the same rate as I'm on - for everything.
  • gives a whole new meaning to not giving up the day job ...
  • Guess we'd better enter a few more competitions, then, to boost our non-existing income from writing.
  • Well I'm glad I'm not the only one earning 50% of nothing. It's a sad prognosis though isn't it?
  • I must say that I'm not surprised that Iain Banks is being paid less. I used to love his early sci fi stuff, but his more recent books are not very good. They're really pretentious and boring, so perhaps a lot of readers, like myself, have stopped buying them.
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