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  • Me again.

    Rather than Lily Childs, I have decided that the Summer Story Competition I won (see S Mag Summer Story thread) should be published in my real name, which is... Michele Ranger. After talking to the journalist and giving an interview yesterday I realised I needed to set up a new blog for Michele Ranger!! I'M SOOOOOO TIRED!!!!

    So (much milder, and featuring TB OWC entries) Blog no. 2 is at http://micheleranger.blogspot.com

    Just in case.
  • A small, but not insignificant post. I promise to post a bit more soon.

  • BB I just read two of your short stories ... and loved them! The psychic one was excellent and the writer one - I've read it before and forgotten it, and this time I liked it even better. well done you!
    I'm going for a blog (not a jog) and look through some other blogs. I quite like this idea. How do you get one?
  • YAAAAAY!!! I've waited for this moment for an age. But I've decided to post my old OWC's as they were, and now my showcase blog is FINALLY ready. Yipee!!

    I've posted 4 prose and 4 poems today.


    Ceka, I think you may need a google account, but I can't remember, give me a few minutes and I'll tell you how to get a blog. I'm just too excited with the fact that my showcase blog is up and running! Yippeeee!!!
  • I'm off to your showcase, Probie, I'll be back ...
  • That was quick. Apparently, as you say, I need a google account even to get in to yours ...
  • Oooooo, my bad Ceka....I have to change my settings because I made it only so I could read it because it wasn't ready.

    Give me a few seconds....

    Okay, try it now ceka.
  • OK, off I go ...
  • I'm back. Probie, why are you so dark? I particularly liked 'the funfair' and the one about Maddie and the halo post at the end, but you're so young to have so many darknesses! Keep writing, Probie, keep going. I do hope you find some light before the end of the tunnel!
  • LOL!

    Probably because I write when I feel down, to make me happier again, and because it's my preferred genre.

    Anyway, I DO have some nicer OWC entries, but they're not as good as my darker ones, in my opinion anyway.
  • I'm going to hunt out some of your lighter work!
    (I wonder if Lucian got blown up by his own bomb, after the end of your story! Clever ending, Probie)
  • edited September 2009
    Hehe, good luck. I'll give you a hint, I'd try February and/or March's OWC's...

    And again hehe. I'm not sure what will happen to him since it will become a short story eventually when I bother to get any inspiration to finish the other half of it. And thank you. :)
  • Probie, it is VERY effective left exactly where it is ... it leaves a reader wondering ...
  • edited September 2009
    Hmmmm. I suppose so.

    But I can't just have a half finished story on the sameish thing now can I? Because these are two differentish stories.
  • edited September 2009
    It's called originality. If you write another story with similar idea but say different character names and a different way of bumping enemies off, or whatever, that's a new story!
    And anyway, it's your blog, you can take things off and stick other things in, if you want to!
  • [quote=ceka]BB I just read two of your short stories ... and loved them! The psychic one was excellent and the writer one - I've read it before and forgotten it, and this time I liked it even better. well done you!
    I'm going for a blog (not a jog) and look through some other blogs. I quite like this idea. How do you get one?[/quote]

    Thanks Ceka!

    You just register and grab your own Blog. The beauty of them is you can chop and change at will.
  • I have started another blog which I have called Pigmallian. It will I hope (in time) form the basis for the new book I have started to write. I have made 2 posts so far, but more will be added soon !

  • I did a little tribute on my normal blog this afternoon...


    But my writing blog has had a little revamp, and I love it!

  • I love the revamp! Great pictures, atmospheric - (sighs at how clever Some People Are) - good on yer, Pixie!
  • Wow! Pixie, that's a fab look.
  • Okay, both blogs have been updated with posts tonight.

    I don't really need to repost the links, but because I'm soo nice, I'll add them anyway...


  • Okay - have come back to Talkback after far too long an absence and trying to get motivation to keep writing so have restarted my blog - and its updated today if anyone is interested!

  • Have posted a question about goldfish food on my blog - can anyone help? http://lilychildsfeardom.blogspot.com Thanks.
  • I don't normally bother to tell you when I update mine as I do it daily, but you might like this one http://blog.alfiedog.me.uk/blog/_archives/2009/9/26/4331813.html
  • I've just begun my second novel, Life To Do, and aim to write 1000 words every day, taking me to 85000 for Christmas Eve. Hah!

  • Just updated mine. Will update my showcase one on Thursday or Friday time.

  • Chop and change at will, but Google keeps caches and we can still read stuff you've deleted. Like facebook laying claims to your written words and photographs, they keep everything.
  • [quote=LeeH]Chop and change at will, but Google keeps caches and we can still read stuff you've deleted. Like facebook laying claims to your written words and photographs, they keep everything. [/quote]

  • Not a special update as such, I'm just thrilled to have had my highest ever monthly readership last month - 3760 pages read.
  • Major controversy in tonight's X Factor and it prompted me to do a blog

  • I don't watch this programme.
    But if these contestants want to make it in showbiz then they will be facing stuff like this frequently.

    (Stephen Gately- may he rest in peace- was sensible and when it looked like the press was going to out him, he pre-empted it himself and it was all over in a few days.)
  • New post today:

  • Updated mine due to my friend harrassing me for it...

  • Had a very good read of youwriteon work, and had to update:

  • Just read that University of Plymouth is looking for submissions for their Short Fiction journal - link on my blog, Litswap - http://litswap.blogspot.com/

    Deadline 30 March
    Entries 5000-20000 words
    Academic Short Fiction journal, so appropriate content me thinks.
  • I've updated my little-used blogspot, which will have fairly regular NaNo posts through November:


    Today's post is the first with a comment option, and to cut out spam from passers by all comments will go in the moderating queue and require a Google account or OpenID. I also have a journal at Dreamwidth, but all posts are access-locked (same as friends locked on Live Journal):

  • Got a tad bored this morning, plus another update was needed...

  • Carol, do you think that Google knows about these or will I have to wait until Monday when it is fixed. Soooo frustrating when things like this happen.
  • I would think you would have to check up on whether it is a local issue or a full scale problem. It might be a wait and see problem- even though it is frustrating.
  • My latest OWC's up on my showcase:

  • For anyone who needs a bit of motivation (mine has temporarily given up chocolate hobnobs and is helping me look at writing books) - I love The Writer's Workbook, which I've just discovered.
  • I've updated, take a picture :P
    Update is to my writing blog.

  • I updated mine this morning due to Remembrance Sunday.

  • edited November 2009
    Hi peeps.

    Just to let anyone who is interested I've just updated my blog to include the first chapter of an e-book, I'll be publishing there - its a supernatural horror - vampires stuff, hopefully with a new twist. Comments are welcome and if you spot any glaring mistakes, please let me know, as I'm the worlds worst at proofreading my own stuff.

  • Thanks Lee...amending as we speak. I'm rubbish at proofreading my own stuff. Chapter two has been drafted... but have yet to put it up on the blog...hopefully later in the week.
  • http://mywarpedwaysoflife.blogspot.com

    An update. Probably doesn't make much sense. But then neither is my mind...it's not making much sense.
  • http://emmabragg.blogspot.com/2009/11/am-i-quitter.html

    Update peeps!
  • I've updated my blog with current projects today

  • And about time too, but both blogs have all been updated.


  • Hi guys...and gals of course! I've been frantically updating the blog...and can i just thank Col B and his mob over at TK and C,(or is it TC and K...I can never get it right...:D)...because of them my little blog has exploded (it's only been going for 6 weeks, and I'm still trying to put stuff on it!).

    I've also some news on the ezine I'm trying to put together - there is another thread, but it was suggested I put it on this thread anyways.

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