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  • http://www.whichbook.net/

    Just thought I'd mention this again. It whiles away the time.

    Oh, it tracks down the sort of books you might be interested in reading.
  • Oh, and there's this:


    You might notice something familiar.
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    And now this reference:

    Another mention of The Dandelion Clock. Always the ‘parallel’ and never the main book. Oh, well.

    If you see a smilie, change it to/insert = followed by P

    Hang on, I'm having a bit of trouble with the link. Let me know if it doesn't work.
  • Are there any techies out there who can track down mention of my book? The Dandelion Clock appears as a 'parallel' on Tommy's Tale and on Almost Like Falling In Love. I found the first one some time ago by trial and error (selecting gay, male, England, and some other things), but haven't yet managed to find the second mention of it. Thanks.
  • If you're bored/don't know what to read next, you might like to play around with this site. You never know, your book might be on it!
  • Success (I think)!

    "I took a look at The Dandelion Clock and believe it would be a good title to include on the whichbook database."
  • "The Dandelion Clock has just gone live on the whichbook site."

    If anyone can work out how to find it, please let me know!
  • Hello Jay. I was curious about the site, so started experimenting with it. When I set the Sex pointer to about 80%, Gentle to 30%, and Beautiful to 50%, your book came up second in line. Seems a strange way to choose a book to me, but each to his or her own. :)
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    Thanks, mct1. I'm afraid I got confused when I tried to replicate??? your experiment. Can you clarify where you positioned the three pointers? In inches/cms from the left or what fraction of the way along. What comment did they put against the book?
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    Help! It's a plot spoiler! FMN, would you amend your post to a whisper? Failing that, would you edit out most of it? (I've copied it.) Thanks.
  • oops! Sorry Jay. Maybe you should email them and ask them to change that comment?
  • My fault, f-m-n. I think the website is partly for use by libraries when they're deciding whether to purchase stock. But the public can also search for the sort of books they like. Perhaps I should ask my publisher what he thinks.

    Sorry if anyone out there is confused. The good points about the comment/review/whatever are "sweet", "funny" and "gentle love story".
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