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Come and vote in my interactive children's story!

edited March 2010 in - Reading
I would like to invite everyone, young or old, to come and vote for what will happen next in my interactive story experiment. Some TBers will remember Plastic St, the soap about small plastic people trapped in a toytown world. This is my next experiment, and also a way to launch my new blog.

To find out more visit http://loutreleaven.wordpress.com/interactive-story/

I look forward to finding out which way the story is going to go next!


  • I've voted.
    I loved reading Plastic Street, so I'll certainly follow your Boz.
  • I've voted, too.
  • voted yaaaaaaaaaay
  • I thought the first option was probably the most realistic, but eventually voted for one of the others!
  • I voted. This is a brilliant idea Lou - so fun! Though the one I picked had the least votes :(
  • I've voted
  • Me too. Go baby Scumworlders!
  • edited March 2010
    voted. Looks like there is a tie at the moment.
  • I voted.
  • I've voted too, look forward to see where the votes lead our MC
  • I voted too. :-)
  • My favourite is in the lead at the moment...
  • Wow, it's really close at the moment! 31% for the first option, 31% for the second and 38% for the third! Think I will give it a few more days so there's more of a clear winner.
  • Go number 2!
  • Just voted, and looking forward to Chapter 2.
  • I voted, too (but wasn't sure my vote had been registered. Does it happen when you press 'view results'?)

    Looking forward to the next instalment!
  • Voted. What fun.
  • [quote=Rosalie]I voted, too (but wasn't sure my vote had been registered. Does it happen when you press 'view results'?)[/quote]
    It seems to happen right away, although it doesn't say anything. So I will say it instead.
    "Thank you! Your vote has been registered!"
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