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Things that make you go mmmmmmm!



  • My mmmmmmms would be -

    strawberries and cream
    Ferrero roche chocolates
    My OH
    Hugh Jackman (note; I put my OH first)
    The sound of a harp
    Colm Wilkinson's voice (velvet again)
    Warm sunshine after a cold morning
    A neck massage after a long day.
  • My mmmmms

    Champagne afternoon tea with my sister
    a hug and kiss off my granddaughter
    chocolate and a cup of good coffee
    A surprise ending of a good book
    A feel good film
    And I'll pinch Nena's - a neck massage
  • scones and jam with proper clotted cream,
    lying out on the lawn on a sunny day...like today!
    falling asleep with the cat curled up by my feet,
    waking up with my boyfriend (only happens twice a year *sniff*)
    reading a new and good book
    reading an old favourite book
    making a homemade stew at home while it snows outside
    making a homemade trifle (our family recipe's to die for, and is thus top secret)
    making the first fresh apple crumble of the season from the apple tree's harvest, pouring thick custard over it and topping that with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
    finishing writing a novel
    a reflexology, or a back massage
  • Merchant Gourmet's Dulce De Leche = Chocolate Toffee, mmmmmmmm.
  • fish and chips with vinegar and salt
    strawberries and cream
    Green and Black's dark chocolate
    My OH saying he loves me
  • Being woken up by granddaughters whispering 'Grandma' in my ear
    Ice Cream
    More Ice Cream
    Any kind of nuts
    Sainsbury's dark fruit and nut chocolate
    Starting a new book
    Finishing a really good book
    Glass of cold Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc
    Seeing my Peace rose in full bloom
    Getting into bed with cool clean cotton sheets
    A cup of Capuccino coffee
  • my dog nuzzling up to me
    the sound of my husband's voice on the phone when he's working away
    the sparkle of a running stream on a sunny day
    a good cup of coffee
    a perfectly chilled glass of white or rose wine
    a log fire in winter
    crisp fresh cotton sheets
    a morning shower
    wrapping myself in a luxurious and massive towel after a shower
    the smell of roses
    the feel of velvet
    the sound of running water
    the sight of a sunset
    the taste of my homemade blackberry sorbet
    summer rain
    oh so many things - life is good.
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