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Who's in August's 2010 WM/WN?

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Who's in August's 2010’s magazines?

If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and which page; and the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name. If you spot someone else, PLEASE LET THEM post the details here.

Remember: if mentioning a story, don't give the ending away.


  • Jay I think you are still on holiday so I have posted this thread as the magazines are being delivered today. I have mine anyone else? I spot a few TBers names.
  • Yes I received mine, and I have a letter in WM p9- my third attempt at a letter and success at last. :)
  • well done Carol, will have to check if mine's at home after work (carn;t believe we're talking about August issue already - where did the begining of the year go!
  • Amazed to see the August issue out on 28 June. That has to be the earliest ever. I have only got half way through July's. Recognise a name or two in comp shortlists, but am keeping quiet until they spot themselves!
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    I was surprised at it arriving so early too- I wondered if I was on the wrong day.
    Yes, a few names in the competitions shortlists.
    Well done all TB's.
  • Well done Carol and other TBers.

    I think WM/WN is making up for (dare I mention it) WF which seems to come later and later each month.
  • WF seems to have settled for the end of the month at the moment...
  • The thing about WF is that they only produce 11 issues a year, not 12, so they gradually shift the date each month- leaving a month and a bit between each issue - to even it out.
  • Several people have been kind enough to congratulate me for being shortlisted in the ghost story competition, but my own copy hasn't arrived yet. Can't wait to see it!
  • Well done Carol and Montholon
  • Well done Montholon, saw you in the listings. :)
  • Well done Carol, Montholon and the other ones I have spotted.
  • congrats to all TBers who made it into the mags!
  • Well done Carol and Montholon! Looking forward to seeing who else is in there.
  • Well done Carol and Monothlon. Got myself a second prize in the WN Sea Story comp :-) Don't know whether the story is up on the website yet - it usually takes a few days. I'm off to have a look.
  • richt well done - yes yours was another name I spotted.
  • richt - apologies, rather a backlog of stories at present, so it's not up yet, but there should be a splurge this week
  • Well done Richt.
  • My copy has now arrived and I was very pleased to see my name on the shortlist. Does anyone know how many entries WM/WN competitions tend to attract? One of my non-writing friends asked me and I hadn't a clue. Of course, for my ego's sake, I'd love the number to have several digits!
  • A lot, I reckon.

    Congratulations, Richt - let us know when it's up.
  • Congratulations RichT, recognised your name the moment I saw the listing.
  • I have often wondered too about how many enter the comps, and if poetry get fewer entries than stories, which themes attract the most entries, etc. Maybe webbo can enlighten us??
  • edited June 2010
    I emailed Richard Bell to ask this, when I won the Space Poetry comp two years ago, and he told me the number, but I can't remember it now! But you could email him perhaps. He's the person who emailed to tell me I had won.
  • Thanks, Kateyanne. I thought I'd probably be back before they turned up.
  • You're welcome. Hope you had a great holiday!
  • Welcome back Jay. They turned up early early.
    Must have known you were on holiday...;)
  • The sly bunch!
  • I wrote a letter about an article in the last issue of WM which I thought was really good and I was pleased to hear that it was to be published in this issue, but I'm so downheartened that none of the stories I've submitted so far have got a mention....maybe I'm just meant to write facts and not fiction :( as I also had a piece published a while back in WN. Come to think of it everything I've ever had published over the last 15 years has been factual!
  • Sorry, the first sentence above sounds like I thought my letter was really good, but I was referring to the article by James McCreet!!! :)
  • Seaview, your letter and mine are next to each other- TB's almost took over that page. :)
    Well done Seaview
  • Thanks Carol - and congratulations to you too...we should raise a virtual glass in joint celebration!
  • well done Seaview!
  • Yes, well done, Seaview. And don't give up on the stories. Perseverance pays off!
  • [quote=Webbo]richt - apologies[/quote]

    Don't worry Webbo - I'm not complaining. I know it'll turn up eventually. And I've already got one in the Writing Magazine list, so I mustn't be greedy :-)
  • I'm in Writers News, members pages with my book.
  • Well done everyone, though I've not seen any of your names myself - haven't even got the wrapper off yet.
  • Congratulations everybody. :-)
  • Congratulations RichT and writebag (which is your book?)
  • Well done, writebag - er, which one are you?
  • Well done Carol and Montholon and Richt and writebag!
  • [quote=richt]Yes, well done, Seaview. And don't give up on the stories. Perseverance pays off! [/quote]

    I hope so richt!!! :)
  • [quote=richt]Well done, writebag - er, which one are you? [/quote]

    The dog showing book on the last page.
  • Well done everyone :-)
  • Thank you!
  • Well done, all you folks.

    I've just heard that Phoenix Yard Books, who are publishing my children's book 'Coping with Chloe', have a feature in this month's Writers' News.
  • Will have to have a look at that.
  • MY story, Mermaid, has now appeared on the website.
  • Well done Richt.
  • good one, Rich!
  • Well done off to read it now.
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