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Does Webbo have a girlfriend?

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  • Do you think he does?  he looks quite studies and perhaps too dedicated to his job to have the time.
  • Of course Webbo has a girlfriend - he has thousands of us here
  • Suppose he has a girlfriend at the magazine - what would she be called? Webbess?
  • Is that your polite way of saying that he looks like a computer nerd, Curly? Come to think of it, he hasn't mentioned a girlfriend but, between you and me, there are one or two ladies who contribute to this forum that fancy the pants off him.
  • I didn't want to stereotype with nerd.  Anyway, I bet a lot of nerds are quite interesting if you get them talking!
    Anyway, from your responses I'm guessing I've got competition?
  • Webbo! What are these girls prattling on about?
  • Prattling??? Do you mind, Stan. This is an intelligent conversation.
  • Oh, silly me!
    I'll sip my tea.
  • Stan! - You wouldn't be taking the proverbial, would you?!!!
  • With his little finger sticking out, do you think?!!!
  • Does Maureen cut the crusts off your cucumber sandwiches, Stan?!!
  • I;ve not heard of 'spod' is that a new buzz word?
  • If you put Spod into a google search, the first website on the page has a Spod Test!
  • Me Refined? I'm a Londoner!! Besides I don't like cucumber sandwiches. Spod? I must google that.
  • Love the way you're all assuming Webbo is a man ;)
  • Or Weberta?! (lol)
  • Oh you guys make me laugh.  I've just got to work, and have opened up talkback (don't tell anyone at my workplace) and what a good way to start my day, with a little chuckle.
  • 'Stan! - You wouldn't be taking the proverbial, would you?!!!' - Jenny, how could you possibly even think such a thing? Will Webbo respond to the question that started this post? 
  • I bet they have secret liaisons in the library during work time and that's why Webbo isn't spilling the beans on Talkback.  I reckon she emails him, "I'll meet you next to the Yearbooks in the reference section..." and he slips off when the editor isn't looking!
  • 'Ah', says Mr Ed.I.Tor, 'thanks for the tipoff'.
  • Dora shot off rather quickly. I wonder if she and Webbo... No, they wouldn't... Would they?
  • Shock horror - no, it can't be true.
  • Sylvia - you're not suggesting that Dora and Webbo are .......... one and the same person?!!!
  • Well, no, I wasnt actually, Jenny, but now you come to mention it. Mmmm, I wonder..
  • This calls for MI5 methinks
  • aw - go on - let's.
  • 'Does Webbo have a girlfriend?' and 'A way of getting Webbo to come out' Am I beginning to read something into this that isn't there?
  • :oD  Who knows, eh?
  • I go away and all semblence of sanity disappears.
    Now, honestly, do you think Webbo would really tell us something like that. But I'm sure he's happy to have some devoted admirers.
  • Sanity? What sanity?!!
  • Nena - if I was going to be an anonymous controller of a discussion board, what better way to hide my identity than to make a caricature of myself in various different guises, all of the opposite sex?

    I think Webbo is laughing at you all, bless her. ;)
  • Oh dear, Nena, I think you've dug yourself a hole here.
  • How big is the hole?
  • Oh dear - what more can I say? So how big is half a hole?
  • Wasn't there a trick question along the lines of ...

    If it takes two men two days to dig a hole, how long will it take one man to dig half a hole?
  • So what is the answer, Jenny, to the hole question? And back to the original ?, does Webbo have a girlfriend. Talkbackers are a nosey lot.
  • Can I just settle a few things?  Webbo does have a girlfriend. Me. He doesn't like talking about his personal life on talkback.  Please treat him with the respect he deserves.  Isn't he doing a great job?
  • A brilliant job!
  • Welcome Webberta, I knew you might exist!  Allow me to apologise for asking about Webbo's private life. Nothing to do with us, I just had to satisfy my curiosity. Perhaps you will stick around and find out how great it is to be a talkbacker?
  • Webberta - can you give us an idea of what you look like, where you and Webbo met, etc?!!
  • And do you meet in the library next to the Yearbooks?
  • Hi Jacey & Jenny & everyone else on talkback.
    I realise that Webbo might dump me for blabbing about our personal life, but I love telling people about how we met, and how much we are in love.  We met at an IT conference in Chicago.  Our eyes met over a giant model of a pentium 4 processor. 
    I wear glasses too, although mine are genuine Armani from the market in the east end.
    I am always in the library, researching my field.  I am a software engineer.  Webbo has been known to join me, but I'll say no more about that. He will be mortified that I've given this much away.
    (luv u Webby darling)
  • Webberta - I'd imagine Webbo is a real old-fashioned romantic who brings you flowers and always escorts you home after a date.
  • Welcome Webberta, and perhaps now you can kindly tell Sylvia and Jenny that there is nowt, zilcho, absolutely nought going on between Webbo and myself.
  • (OK, Dora. We believe you!

    (Whispers: "Unless Webberta is Dora's alias!")
  • Hello Dora!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • You think these two are all sugar & spice, feeding the ducks in their lunch-hour but my dear ol Ma used to tell me it's the quiet ones you should watch out for. Webbo and Webberta are probably those two leather-clad insurgents on the other side of the pond carrying the huge banners that say, 'Byte Me' & 'Stick it in your mainframe.'  Wake up, people and welcome to the LAN of the living. I don't think Webbo's the smooth character we've all come to know and love. What other deep & dark mysteries will we soon discover. (Cue scary, suspicious Beethoven mood music) Da da da da.
  • Told you so, didn't I!
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