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Things that make you go mmmmmmm!

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  • As Sianes Auntie came up with a great topic, I thought I'd start a new one with things that you love in life. Figured it would be interesting to compare the two threads. (It is Friday and for us office working lunatics, we often feel very positive and happy on these days. I put it down to the excitement of NOT having to hear the blasted alarm clock the next day! Oh how very sad...but true that is! Ha-ha.)
  • thanks for the commendation, monkeynuts! my thing that makes me go mmmmm... is anything chocolatey, and ryan reynolds. oh my! whenever i think of that man i come over all hot and bothered and imagining bad things... there i go... ryan all covered in chocolate... mmmmmmmmm....
  • Excellent idea! Yes, we all have the grrrs and the mmms too.

    Haiku about snowflakes
    Cats (especially my two, but they also make me go grrrr sometimes)
    My lovely partner and lovely child (ditto above!)
    Lara Croft (Angelina Jolie specifically, with guns, eeeee)
    Cap’n Jack Sparrow (tied to a bamboo cane looking like a fruit kebab – food and sex a good combination!)
    Actually Elizabeth and Will as well (I’m greedy, I know…)
    Strawberries and cream
    Cheese, salami and olives
    Books by Alexander McCall Smith
    Seeing my book on the shelf at home (haven’t seen it in a shop yet but that’ll come)
  • Snow
    Beech trees in spring, with bluebells beneath
    Spike from Buffy (don't tell Hubs!)
    Hubs (don't tell Spike!)
    Spending time with my nephew James - 11 with severe cerebral palsy, epilepsy and no verbal communication - but a giggle that's truly infectious and a wicked sense of humour - little humbug!
    Being kidnapped by Tigger at Walt Disney World in Florida last year!!
  • Snoozing in the afternoon
    Eating strawberries that have been dipped into hot melted chocolate
    My partner Daniel
    The album 'Visions' by Jakatta

    And all of the above simultaneously when the moment allows
  • mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ....... ooh yeah
  • Sunny Sunday morning with a cup of tea and a thick slice of toast with better and marmalade; not a care in the world. Hot apple pie with ice cream and dark chocolate. mmmmmmmm
  • Aaahhh ... rather than mmm. I just Googled Josie's image. It's a nice cake. Which one's you?
  • Er ... do I sound a bit weird? Actually, I've been ironing. Wrote a sort-of story about it entitled 'Real Men Don't Iron'. Would help if I turned the iron on.
  • Fresh, steaming coffee.
    Clean bed sheets.
    Hugs from my partner.
    Warm, freshly baked muffins.
    The smell of bread cooking....
  • pistachios nuts
    piano music by Chopin, Satie, Joplin
    fresh white sheets
    new tubes of oil and watercolour paint
    birch and oak trees
    having a good laugh with family and/or friends
  • Eh Jay? Are you talking about the Civil Partnership? If so, I’m the blonde one with flowers in hair and white dress (yup, but shaved it all off very soon afterwards). Alys is dark hair, gold head-dress and red dress. Gorgeous.

    I still say it was the best day of my life.
  • Aaaaahhh ... Yes, that's what I meant.
  • Actually, it reminds me of a writing exercise we had to do. "The day that changed my life ..." Anyone fancy a new thread?
  • My husband in a suit.
    Richard Gere.
    Baba Ganough ( thats an Egyptian food, a dip)
    Sipping banana juice while sitting by the Nile.
    Strawberry milk shake
    The smell of a new book.
    Walking through a bluebell wood.
  • NOWWWWWWWW can I mention Colin Firth in a wet shirt? Aw go on, let me, let me, let me say it.
    Colin Firth in a wet shirt. Ah, that's better. Got it off me chest now, I has.

    I also say mmmmmm when
    I'm drinking hot chocolate or warm milo,
    smelling salty sea breezes or freshly cut grass,
    watching babies sleep and
    when I'm humming.

    ps.  You can start it off, Jay.
  • What's 'warm milo'?
  • Aaaaahhh ... No, don't tell me it's just a typo, I'd like to imagine some Antipodean nectar.
  • Carol, 'warm milo' is similar to Ovaltine, I believe. What do I love in life; waking up early and smelling the air with the dew on the ground, snuggling up in bed with a good book, watching our cat wriggle and stretch on the floor being happy, four o'clock Friday afternoons when work finishes and reading the fat Saturday/Sunday newspapers.
  • Just out to get those Sunday 'papers' this morning.I like those life defining moments when you're made aware that you're just a mere speck in the universe and that your worries are totally insignificant.  So why worry about them? Don't let them get in the way of living. Had one such moment last night as I watched the full moon being eclipsed by earth's shadow, to be left with a deep blood orange ball hanging in the sky between a myriad of stars.  My cocoa went stone cold.  Damn it. But what the heck.
  • I enjoyed watching the eclipse - I also saw some Milo on the shelf in Sainsbury's and recall thinking that I hadn't heard that brand name since I was small. 

    Back to the moon - it was a rare treat wasn't it - I kept nipping outside to see how it was developing - quite amazing.
  • We were outside watching the eclipse too. Rory had his camera set up and took regular shots throughout until it reached completion.
    There was a slight orange tinge but not as orange as we expected- perhaps it was to do with the air quality.
    But it was great, you could see all the stars, the plough, the Great Bear. That was a special moment in life.
  • Who's Rory, Carol? I have a son named Rory.
  • IG he's my oldest son, he's actually officially an adult by a few years, but is still at home. He is on the last few months of a photography course at college.
  • We enjoyed the eclipse too - kept going back outside to chart its progress.

    Went for a fantastic walk with the dogs this morning.  It was wet and windy and I just thought hang it, let's go with the flow.  Walked through huge great puddles in my wellies, got soaked but loved being a kid again.  Came home feeling alive and free.  Weeeeeee!!!!
  • My young man
    (Hmmm, eating chocolate in a garden full of snowdrops with my young man....)
  • thick snowflakes- so rare where we are even when it does snow.
    Chocolate- especially dark chocolate.
    Pancakes with currants and lemon juice.
  • Dorothy I'm sorry to hear your migraine is back again, I used to suffer from it years ago and I know how devastating it can be. But I hope you are feeling better now. Pity you missed the eclipse last night, it was just wonderful and we were lucky that for once the sky was clear. (It didn't last, today is back to rain and wind).
    I texted my sister in Italy who lives near the mountains and she said the moon was red; a truly magical night to remember.
  • I was going mmmmmmmmm as never before on Saturday evening when my son was presented with the Cambridge examination board's annual 'Brilliance in Spain' prize for his IGCSE results last June. You can imagine how I felt as both father and representative of the school when he stepped onto the stage....
  • Congratulations to both your son and you Howard. A wonderful moment to remember.
  • Congrats on the clever son, Howard. You must be very proud.

    By the way, what's an IGCSE?
    (Island Girl Can't Suss Explanation)
    I'm guessing SE at the end means Spanish Examination but can't fathom the rest.
  • GCSE means (I think) General Certificate of (for/in?) Secondary Education. It replaced the 'O'(rdinary) levels some years ago as the exam done by Year 11 (former 5th Years) - 15 and 16-year-olds. Presumably the 'I' stands for International.
    Well done, Howard's son!
  • Oooh, ohhh...just thought of another one after having to quickly depart from a meeting to have a good old scratch! There's nothing like hitting that itch head on and scratching it! (Don't worry, it was just an itchy thigh; didn't think it would look too professional to scratch away during my dull meeting though!)
  • (Thanks for kind comments. Jay is right about what it all stands for.)
  • And did you sell it, Miss March? Or may I call you Jo? (Anyone thoroughly confused, please ask.)
  • "the plough, the Great Bear"

    Can I be picky?  The Plough is the Great Bear (Ursa Major is the proper name for it in Latin).

    The eclipse was magical, I stood staring at it from the first shadow until it was fully covered.  It made me come over all pagan and Nature-Worshipper-ish.  Stunning.
  • Jay, you are very obviously referring to Little Women, but to whom on Talkback are you addressing the question?
  • Someone called Jo who, in March, cut her hair off!
  • Oh. I'm from Orrrstraaaaaaaaalia. It takes a little while to catch on.
  • Thought about this and of course there are various things but mine are: a cuddle and a cup of tea.
  • Whoopsies!! That twern't Cristixav - twer me.
    I forgot to check my Login name again before I wrote.
    (Naughty Island Girl has to slap own wrist again.)
  • At the moment, having just got to Switzerland last night after missing my lovely man, I'd say my MMMmmmm things at the moment are definitely a cuddle, hearing him play guitar, hugging the dogs (who went bananas when they saw me and jumped on me before I'd even managed to get my bum onto the seat of the car)... and various other things I'll keep private, thank you very much.

    Generally, still a cuddle with my lovely man, fresh coffee, red wine and my best friend, snow covered mountains, the rain after a dry spell, the sound of children's laughter (especially our little nephew Guillaume), the sound of young chimpanzees' laughter (has to be heard at least once in everyone's life)...

    Let me see... Johnny Depp in black eyeliner, covered in chocolate sauce.  Yep, that'd do it.
  • Ha ha, ooh now we're talking!
  • Ooooh, liking where this thread is going. If we are talking about heart throbs then I'd have to say mmmmmmm to Hugh Jackman, Wesley Snipes and Patrick Swayze (in his Dirty Dancing days.)
    All of a sudden my afternoon has just got brighter! Ha-ha
  • Was it me Jay? I cut my hair all the time, never sure of the month. Did I sell what?

    I'm zinging at the moment, got less than an hour before I set off for Dorset to the lit event. Hardly slept last night and still buzzing, oh dear I hope I can hold out that long!
  • Your hair, Josie - she sold her hair! Your post was in March - I don't know when you cut it. Best of luck.
  • 1. My boyfriend. (:
    2. The smell of freshly cut grass.
    3. The smell of pine forests.
    4. Freshly baked bread with butter and honey.
    5. Vanila candles.
    6. A warm Whitby Goth festival! (Not too hot because my make up melts)
    7. Peanut butter and jam sandwhiches.
    8. Christmas cake.
    9. Walking on the Yorkshire Moors and breathing in the wonderful air.
    10. My homemade pizza.
    11. The smell of new books.
    12. LOADS more...
  • *my gorgeous bf, especially when dressed in a casually-smart suit (i.e. no tie!)
    *johnny depp
    *david tennant
    *buying a brand new paperback
    *spending loads of money with having to worry or feel guilty about where its coming
    *finishing a really difficult essay and thinking 'i might actually be able to get away with that'
    *finishing a painting or piece of writing
    *ice-cream (flavour dependent on what mood im in)
  • o, and also climbing into bed with fresh, clean bed linen on!!
  • I'll second that one!

    Seth Green
    Colin Firth
    That bloke who played Dracula in the BBC production...
    Finishing a fantastic chapter and having loads of ideas for the next one...
    Walking into a peaceful library and having it to myself
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