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Who's in December 10's magazines due out soon?

edited November 2010 in - WM and WN
Who's in December 2010’s magazines? The magazines are due out soon.

If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and which page; and the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name. If you spot someone else, PLEASE LET THEM post the details here.

Remember: if mentioning a story, don't give the ending away.


  • Anybody else missing their copy that has been guaranteed delivery before it is found in the shops? :(

    Should we have had them today?
  • Mine isn't here
  • Not got mine yet.
    Is it being sent later this month perhaps?
  • Moi non plus
  • yo tambien!
  • [quote=Carol]Is it being sent later this month perhaps? [/quote]

    What, you mean when it's in the shops?
  • No, rather than it being published this week, the publication date next week.
  • I thought it was the first Thursday in the month?
  • On the progress thread, febes says she's had hers.

    Favouritism I call it. :(
  • Then let's hope we get ours tomorrow then.
  • The magazines have just dropped through the letterbox!
  • Not mine they haven't.
  • Very quick flick and noticed one already. Well done that person!
  • Maybe Webbo has to walk round the country delivering them!
  • got mine, but no chance to look at them yet.
  • Hey, I was shortlisted in the 1,000-word short story competition (see page 26, Writers' News)! Webbo, can you tell me which story it was? I think I sent in two.
  • That was who I saw! Well done, Jay!
  • congratulations, Jay!
  • nice one, Jay, well done

    hope my copy is in the post today although I've only just finished reading last months
  • I don't subscribe any more.

    Congratulations to Jay and AN Others who are in there!
  • Congratulations, Jay.
  • Thanks, peeps.
  • Congratulations Jay!
  • Still not here.

    How much does it cost to subscribe just to WN, instead of both, any one know offhand ?

    Congratulations Jay for whatever it was, seeing as I don't know, because mine hasn't arrived.
  • Well done Jay!
  • Got this this morning. There's loads in WM to interest me this month! Well done, Jay!
  • Mine arrived too.
    Well done Jay.
  • Mine arrived this morning. I haven't opened it yet. Well done Jay and anyone else who is in print in there.
  • Mine's stripped open and waiting on the breakfast-room table.

    Well done Jay!
  • Well, mine arrived but is now taking second place to me reading Writers Forum, which has been available in Tesco for days, alongside WNews being available to the masses, but not to me, a paid up subscriber.
  • the really awful thing is, taking off the wrapper and realising you don't know either of the people featured on the front, for a start ... that makes 2 items I won't read straight off! But here is the Stuart Palmer article, always worth looking at, if nothing else is!
  • I agree dorothy, I always enjoy reading Stuart Palmer in there.
  • I agree with D and D about Stuart Palmer. JAY well done on the short listing.
  • Well done, Jay.
  • The December Stuart Palmer article is always brilliant.
    There were a few in it that had me giggling...
  • Well done Jay. Your short-listing was the first thing I noticed when I opened the mag. Congratulations.
  • Carol, me too!
  • I saw Jay's name in the runner-up list. Well done Jay.
  • Well done Jay! I agree about the December Stuart Palmer article; very funny
  • Well done Jay.
  • Spotted you! Well done, Jay!
    [quote=dorothyd]the really awful thing is, taking off the wrapper and realising you don't know either of the people featured on the front, for a start ... that makes 2 items I won't read straight off![/quote]
    Dorothy - there are thousands out there who've never heard of YOU. If you were on the front cover, would you think it acceptable for them to feel the same way?
  • yes, I would! I know no one's heard of me! I don't expect people to read about someone they have never heard of/never read.

    It also adds to my feeling of 'not enough days, not enough life to get to all the books and people I have never heard of.'
  • [quote=dorothyd] realising you don't know either of the people featured on the front, for a start ... that makes 2 items I won't read straight off[/quote]

    For me those would be the first to read - I want to learn, not confirm existing knowledge.
  • edited November 2010
    I really don't go with those profiles, how someone else works/creates is not relevant to every one of us and makes no difference to the end product, does it? So ... as time is limited (I see people on here saying they haven't read last month's yet, etc. etc) skip what is not relevant and go for the articles that are. Read the entire thing in 15 mins, pass it on, which is what I am going to do.

    OK, to prove my point, as it were, I read the Gervase Phinn profile. What did it tell me, other than two pages of how he got into writing? Not much. Third page, repeating advice we all know, read read and work.

    These profiles are only of interest to people who know that person's books. There is little point in reading them otherwise.
  • My children were interested to see Derek Landy on the front, author of Skulduggery Pleasant. We have all those books.
  • I've spotted another TBer, besides JAy. can only assume they haven't read their copy yet
  • Oh dear I haven't finished reading the November issues yet :(
  • Lolli was the other TBer in WN or WM?
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