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username problems

edited May 2006 in - WM and WN


  • Hello everybody,
    As some of you have noted, there was a problem in Talkback where, after logging in with your own details, the system was recognising you as a different user.
    I have made some changes, which could improve the situation. Unfortunately, these could affect the site's performance for anybody currently logged on. If any pages – most importantly ones showing your user information – appear unusual,  please quit your browser and log back in.
    I am continuing to investigate and will monitor Talkback closely in case there should be any more misnamings. In the short term, I will also correct any messages which are currently displaying the wrong Talkbackers' names.
    Thank you all for your patience.
    Best wishes
  • Well done Webbo.

    Keep taking the tablets and PLEASE ignore the nonsense starting to appear about individual difficulties with knowing what they have and have not read.

    You are doing sterling work. Just keep us in our proper places.
    Thank you,
  • Much appreciated. I must admit, it was a worry.

    Someone would have attributed something worthwhile to my name, that would have messed with people's heads.  ;)
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