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My subscription

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I've just had £44.88 debited to my account for my WN/WM subscription. I'm a bit miffed therefore to find the mag offering a subscription at £9.99 per quarter, which amounts to £39.96. Why am I paying an extra £4.92 for the privilage of paying for a whole year upfront when I could get it cheaper by paying quarterly? As a long time subscriber I'm disappointed to put it mildly, that new subscribers are getting a better deal than us long time supporters. I'm now going to cancel my direct debit and renew as an when at the best price offered in future. Has anyone else had this problem.
Disgruntled of Harrow.


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    I've cancelled my mags too casey, one reason being I was disappointed that as a long time subscriber who paid by direct debit for a year's sub, this wasn't brought to my attention by the subs dept.

    All it would have taken was an email, but obviously, spending time on customers such as me to inform me of this, possibly isn't the subs dept priority.

    AND, tbh, I was about to just renew my sub to receive simply WNews, but was told couldn't do that now, as the mag is joint.
  • I've cancelled my subs, but mainly because I never had time to read teh mags (I still have a pile in their plastic wrappers, unopened). I had been paying £9.99/quarter for years by direct debit.
  • I resubscribed last year but am seriously thinking of dropping it again - the changes promised have not improved the magazine, it's dull and doesn't entertain me at all. Within half an hour of opening the plastic wrapper, it is on its way to someone else. And the price is a rip off -loyal subscribers should get the discount. I have my 10 year anniversary paperweight in front of me on the desk here, I subscribed from the very start, but that doesn't seem to count.
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    A free paperweight? I subscribed (annually - the expensive way) from 1992 until a year or so ago but I didn't get a free paperweight!
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    Jenny, remember this? This is YOU from 2008:

    I emailed the Subscriptions Dept this morning and have received the following reply from Felicity (reproduced
    below exactly as received):

    "Free gifts are only available on certain rates if you would like to change your rate we are happy to arrange for a free gift to be sent out to you."

    I suppose the free gifts are intended to encourage people who pay by instalments to keep on paying. With ongoing annual subscriptions they don't have to worry.

    I wonder how many free gifts I've missed out on through making life easier for the publishers by paying annually for about 17 years.

    With ongoing annual subs they don't have to worry? With four long-time subscribers packing it in recently, no, that's right, they don't have to worry do they.
  • Thanks, Dora - I had a vague recollection that I'd once contacted WN about this.

    I'm more concerned that I'm repeating myself. I must be spending too much time on here.
  • i felt abit agreeved (sp?) to find that my 'subsciption only WN' was being put free in with the magazine so everyone can have it. The price hasn't changed for the subscription or the magazine from the shops ... how does that work? It's made subscribing kind of pointless especially as i have to get my mum to post it to france as it's cheeper than the europe sub (although that may not be a problem much longer!). It is also difficult to follow a magazine that has another thing (with different page numbers) inserted (but then i could just be a bit thick!). Also noted that the content is going downhill and that there seems rather a lot of fillers made into double page spreads (like those 'save money tips' last month!!) Some of the regular writers seem to have nothing really to say and are just waffling about any old poop. I shall keep buying it for now, as its my only contact with the outside world (sad but true!) :-)
  • Jenny, the paperweight was for their first ten years, 1989-1999 - nothing as good has happened since for loyal subscribers!
  • Dorothy - it's not that I needed a paperweight, it's more about the principle!
  • I've cancelled my subs and will subscribe again later to get the reduced rate! Every little helps, as they say.
  • I guessed that, Jenny, it was me saying that gift was for those who subscribed back in 1989 and since that time, nothing, no gifts, no incentives, no nothing! (oh yes, hassle when the sub runs out and they don't get the renewal form and the times copies don't arrive... that goes on!)
  • I've taken from robin's thread named my subscription, from January this year, which includes some early warning disgruntled chuntering from us for those who need to know these things, about paying more than other subscribers:

    [quote=Webbo]Just to recap, I can't help directly with most subscriptions queries, but our friendly subs team can! Contact them on [email protected] or 01778 392482[/quote]

    ..because my problem was, that I couldn't understand why I should contact subs, why didn't they contact me and let me know my favourite mag was available at a cheaper rate?
  • Casey - thank you for your comments. Please could you contact our subscriptions department, who will be able to advise you on how to switch to a quarterly direct debit, with your full postal details. They're on [email protected] or 01778 392482.
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