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Hush Puppy's Letter (Writing Mag. May)

edited April 2006 in - WM and WN


  • See Hush Puppy's tribute to 'Grandpa'. Top of page 9: Writing Magazine for May. Interesting letter, Claire. Well done
  • It is a lovely letter HP, it summed up everything about Granpa, and how much he is missed. Well done.
  • I can't wait to see it, thankyou Hush Puppy.
  • Great one HP
  • Glad you like the letter.  I had originally sent some info on 'Grandpa' Brian to Webbo as he had been asked to mention him in the magazines.  They contacted me and asked me to write the letter.  It was difficult to keep to 250 words and do Brian justice as there is so much I could have said about him.

    I have received a letter from Brian's family along with a photo and a transcript of his funeral service.  I was honoured to find that a tribute I wrote about Brian and a poem I had sent them (written originally for the 'last line' competition 2005 and inspired by the death of my Aunt) had both been used during the service.  If anyone is interested in reading either/both I would be happy to put them on Talkback or e-mail them to you.

    I'd also like to share with you all a section of the letter from Brian's family:

    "The Writers' News has been a great comfort. We have read all the lovely tributes to Brian and in fact looked at some of the ones he has posted.  We knew he was writing on there but had no idea it was such a part of his life in recent time.  It was lovely to think that he spent many hours talking to his friends this way, as he had mentioned to us on several occasions that at times he felt lonely."

    I miss him.

    Hush Puppy
  • The tribute to Grandpa was lovely. We began exchanging emails at the end of last year. He is missed here on Talkback.
  • I haven't yet got the May mag Hush Puppy, but shall be buying it tomorrow and looking forward to seeing your tribute.
  • Aren't you a subscriber yet Sooz?  You'd get your mags much faster.
  • I look forward to reading your tribute, HP, when I get back to my 'other home' on Monday.
  • Lovely letter Hush Puppy.  Well done. X
  • Sad news, he sounded a really nice type :O(

    Gary and Carol.
  • Well done HP, your letter was just lovely.
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