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Who's in June 2011's magazines due out soon?

edited April 2011 in - WM and WN
(Hope you don't mind me posting it here, Webbo.)

Who’s in June 2011’s magazines? The magazines probably won’t be out for a few days so DON’T EXPECT THEM JUST YET.

If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and which page; and the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name. If you spot someone else, PLEASE LET THEM post the details here.

Remember: if mentioning a story, don’t give the ending away.


  • ^ Ready for when the magazines appear!
  • I'm afraid troubles at the printers have held up production of the new issue, so it will be a day or two late to arrive with you - should be later this week. Many apologies
  • Perhaps they're squeezing in my new poem. It's a meditation on confusion called 'Confusion' and can be read by making anagrams of all the existing words in the magazine and rearranging them into rhyming sentences.
  • :) Sounds like my kind of poem, Lou (or at least, my state of mind)
  • Thanks for letting us know, Webbo. Bit disappointing, but good to know what's going on. Hope it all gets sorted out soon.
  • Thanks for letting us know Webbo. I'll expect it to arrive at the weekend or next Monday then...:)
  • Mine arrived just now! And I discovered myself and Chloe on p.18 of WN. As well as one or two other names I recognise...
  • Well done Rosalie. I hope mine comes today I can read it on the train to London later.
  • Well done Rosalie and chloe :-) i wish mine had come...
  • I saw you Rosalie well done!
  • Well at least we know they magazines are out now.
  • true... but i want mine NOW (stamping feet... i'll scream and i'll scream and i'll scream.. until i'm sick. so there) ;-)
  • Got mine! Off to do some TBer spotting...
  • Writers' News page 10: "Having been acquired by AOL for $315million, Arianna Huffington intends ..."

    She doesn't come cheap, does she? :)
  • Congrats to everyone who gets a mention. Keep up the good work ! :)
  • Well done, Rosalie! Queen of Kindle, Carol (Sofia) is in th Members' News section too!
  • My copy arrived today and congratulations to everyone whose work did appear. I was saddened to see that the letter page in the Writers News section was missing. I hope this doesn't mean that WN is gradually being swallowed up by Writing Magazine?

    My students were discussing the amalgamation of the two magazines and they do feel as though they are being cheated out of subscribing to something special as only subscribers used to receive Writers News. Now that it is available to one and all it is no different to any other writing publication. Several said they would most likely not renew and just buy the magazine from the newagent's when there was something in the publication that interested them. That way they could also afford to purchase Writers Forum when it suited them.
    As someone who always promoted taking out a subscription to all new students I felt embarrassed by the changes in the mag.
  • Mine arrived today as well!

    Congratulations to the TBers who have got a mention.

    I am a subscriber and I actually like the new changes to the magazine and the website.
  • [quote=writebag]I felt embarrassed by the changes in the mag.[/quote]
    I'm very sorry to hear that Writebag.
    We are now treating WM and WN as a single magazine - hence the absorption of letters, and the move of other non-news elements away from the news pages. Your concerns, and those of your students, have been well noted. I realise we've sacrificed the element of "exclusivity", but the change should actually allow us to get more news and market leads into the mag.
    I don't want to keep beating this drum, but there are other things that help to make a subscription worthwhile (eg subscriber-only comps, chance to appear in Members' News, book and other discounts, etc) and we have plans for bigger and better in the pipeline.
  • Congrats to all TBers mentioned , mine came today, recognized one name instantly.
  • Mine have arrived though I haven't had a chance to open them yet.
    Well done to all TB's in this month's issues.
  • I'll pass that on Webbo, thank you for your reply. I do try to encourage new students to enter comps and the themes for the free ones with WN are used in class to generate writing ideas.
  • i agree with writebag, i also feel that by subscribing we had an 'advantage' over the random purchasers as we had access to industry news that was perhaps otherwise hard to find. I understand the need to be streamlined in this economic climate, but sorry, having the chance of a mention in an exclusive page or a book i've not written sold by WM is not really sufficient entisement to induce me to subscribe and to ensure loyalty (which is what a subscription is). I do like the new web site though and i shall look forward with interest to the other changes! You can't please all of the people all of the time :-)
  • I'm not happy that WN has been absorbed in WM. I'm sick of getting stabbed with the staples when I pull out WN as I like to read the mags separately.

    The website is good though and one of the best of its kind.
  • Well done, Rosalie. (Is that your garden in the photo? How lovely!)
  • Thank you - yes, it our garden. I'll pass the compliment on to my partner, who does most of it!
  • why isn't my copy here :(
    i've not seen the new layout yet so looking forward to seeing what it's like.
    Well done to everyone who's in there :)
  • Like writebag and Amanda, I will miss the exclusivity of WN no longer being on subscription only. This change is on top of the injustice of me finding out I am paying more per year (£44)than newer subscribers who are paying quarterly (£9.99). So I am cancelling my annual susbcription, after the payment I've just made for the year ahead, and when it runs out next April I will either start again on a new Direct debit at the lower rate or just buy in the shops. I don't often enter the comps so the benefit of saving a pound or two on entry fees is not a big enough attraction for me to part with my money in a big lump up front - buying monthly from Smiths if the magazine looks like it has something interesting in it each month is a less rigid option, and is easier on the budget.
  • When I changed to a direct payment a few years ago I was charged £44.99. I rang and queried it as I had read you paid £5 less by direct debit. I received a refund of £5 and my subscription is still £39.99. They didn't do quarterly then.
  • The winning story was good, but it was entitled: The Invisible Chord

    Aren't all chords invisible?

    ?Cord, maybe?
  • Curd perhaps, as in lemons?
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