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Where do I find my subscriber number, please

edited June 2011 in - WM and WN
Webbo, or anyone else who can help me, could I ask where I can find my subscriber number, please? I seem to have lost the email I received when I took out my subscription, and I see I need the number in order to register for Writers Online.

Many thanks


  • I lost mine - I had to phone up for it. Actually I think it's on the envelope (plastic cover) when the magazine gets sent out. My July issue still hasn't arrived. I'll have to phone on Monday and see if my renewal went through.
  • Yes there is a number on the plastic cover- I've kept mine this month so I can use it.
  • Yes your subscription number is on the plastic envelope the mag is sent in,
  • I emailed subscriptions and they emailed back the next day with my number.
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