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Every Day Poets

edited April 2011 in - Writing Tales
Got an email yesterday to say Nicky and I are both on Every Day Poets this month - I've never been on this site before, so I'm really excited - if anyone gets a chance to have a look and rate our poems on the day (or any time afterwards) please feel free to do so...I don't know which one of my haiku they are featuring on Friday the 13th - so it will be a surprise! :)

May 12 Nicky Phillips Runaway
May 13 Marion Clarke haiku



  • congratulations!
  • congratulations from me too!
  • Well done! Remind us again on the day.
  • Thanks folks. I'll try to remember Jay - it's Friday the 13th and I have 1 hour dentist's appointment so I'm sure I will!
  • Congratulations to you both. I had my first published poem on EDP last month and was very chuffed indeed.
  • How exciting! Yes, do remind us on the day so we can visit.
  • Well done, both of you!
  • Congratulations - great news
  • Well done!
  • I'll bookmark the page to come back to. Well done.
  • Well done both Seaview and Nicky
  • [quote=Jay Mandal]Well done! Remind us again on the day. [/quote]

    This is a reminder on the day for Nicky as hers is up there now :) http://www.everydaypoets.com/runaway-by-nicky-phillips/

    It's really good, Nicky - I was first to comment and rate it and Phots followed suite!

    I'm for the firing range with my haiku tomorrow. I don't know which one is going up first as they haven't used the number I'd given it. If I get slated I won't put up a reminder!!! :)
  • Brilliant, love Nicky's poem and commented accordingly.
  • [quote=Lou Treleaven]How exciting! Yes, do remind us on the day so we can visit. [/quote]

    It's up there...gulp.

    Phots is really on the ball - she's commented already and it must have just gone up - it wasn't there when I checked around eight.

  • Fifteen reviews,
    must make you proud Seaview.

    Congratulations at such success.
  • Love the poems. Good work!

    I will submit some poems to EDP as well. :)
  • Just left a review seaview, but can't see it.
  • I've just read your poem and left a comment, Seaview. Loved it!

    Um... sorry, but who is Nicky?
  • I've just seen these last few posts now. Thanks Jay, MadeiranMermaid, kateyanne and Claudia. Claudia, I think Nicky is on here too, although i chat to her on Chapter79 - Nicky Phillips?

    Anyway, the reason I came on here was to say that my second wee haiku is up there today (my daughter's 10th birthday, which is nice!) If anyone has a minute over the next few days I'd be really grateful if you could pop over and read it, rate it and/or leave a comment! :)

  • Read, rated and commented Seaview. It has actually made me feel very fresh and positive, like the moments after a rainstorm, so thanks for posting.
  • Well done Seaview.
  • Thanks Tony - glad it refreshed you!

    Thanks also, Carol :)
  • 'End of Summer' has been published today on EDP. This was a particularly poignant piece for me as it was written while my dad was fighting cancer - a battle he lost last August.

  • It says it all, Seaview. Very poignant.
  • I've read it, voted and left a comment. Very moving and so truthful.
  • Left a comment, great haiku! Oh, I do love them.
  • Thank you Anna, Tony and Liz - I've only just seen your kind comments. I'm pleased you like the haiku, Liz. I've been studying this form for almost two years now.

    I have a spooky little poem up on Every Day Poets today - right on time for Halloween...in fact I think this one may have been born on the One Word Challenge!

    via my blog http://seaviewwarrenpoint.wordpress.com or at EDP http://www.everydaypoets.com/knife-art-by-marion-clarke/
  • [quote=Seaview]I've been studying this form for almost two years now.[/quote]

    I don't think you ever come to the end of learning about them, and that's why they are so interesting.
  • [quote=Liz!]I don't think you ever come to the end of learning about them, and that's why they are so interesting.

    You are so right, Liz - eternal students we are!
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