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Guess what the postman brought me?

edited July 2011 in - Writing Tales
Got home from work to find a fiffy bag containing copies of my books on the doormat - "Weeds and Wonders" and "Paws and Prayers". (Christian meditations, with all profits going to The Leprosy Mission)
One happy bunny.......!


  • Whoops, can we make that a 'jiffy bag' instead, please?
  • Well done Anna and a good cause will benefit also.
  • edited July 2011
    [quote=Anna]Whoops, can we make that a 'jiffy bag' instead, please?[/quote]

    Oh if you had only said 'scratch that' it would have been brilliant.

    Congratulations by the way. Nice to find anything nice on the doormat these days.
  • (Perhaps I can add 'fiffy bag' to the 'words you invented' thread... 'Fiffy bag' - a jiffy bag that's fiddly to open. ;)
  • I like the sound of fiffy bags!
  • Shall we patent them and get them in the shops in time for Christmas?

    Sorry ST - 'scratch that'....? Me no understand....?
  • Good news for a Friday, well it's good news any day of the week when books arrive. :)
  • Oh, how wonderful. Congratulation, Anna :)
  • Thanks Anna you just made me chuckle - Fiffy bag. New word. I like it. I shall use it hence forth!
  • That's great Anna. Nothing better than books landing on your doorstep with you name on the cover, especially for such a good cause.
  • Good news!
  • Well done Anna. I will use 'fiffy', too!
  • [quote=Anna]fiffy bag[/quote]

    We LOVE that new word!
  • Aw, lovely news Anna. All the best of luck with that, and the good cause.

    Now where can I order me a fiffy bag?
  • Glad it arrived in something no matter what it is.
    Smashing news.
  • Congratulations!
  • Well done Anna I like fiffy bags better than Jiffy bags
  • So do I Jenny, I shall never look at fiffy[jiffy] bags in quite the same way again, well done Anna. I just sent a query letter to People's Friend to ask if they would like to read 'To New Beginnings'. In fact if you would like to read the story for yourself. you can see it on http://www.writerscircle.biz. It would help to join and it is free. Also sent another one called Hoodwink. You can tell me what you think of it. I have really been bitten by the writing bug, good and proper now. Mind you, I had a very positive response from my WB tutor so that has been encouraging. Must go now, I have Pushkinia which means little flower but she is the big cat you mentioned in one of your emails, at least someone did.
  • That link doesn't work. Here's the correct one.

  • Woll, if you're hoping to sell the piece, it might not be a good idea to have it posted up on a website where anyone can see it - many magazine editors would consider the piece to have been published and therefore wouldn't want it.
  • I can't find it on the site.
  • Found it. Woll22 = Widget
  • Well done, Anna!
  • I dared to look at your adult content story, Wet Nurse - interesting idea, Woll22.
  • If it involves pussy, ie Pushkina Woll, I won't be daring to look, as I'm squeamish about that sort of thing getting wet.
  • No pussy, but lots of lapping of milk.
  • Only lapping? Hmm, not sure that's enough for me.
  • There's a prick?
  • Ooh, no I wouldn't stoop so low as to suggest THAT, BB.
  • No, there is. There's a nurse and jections.
  • Aaaaarrrgh

    "runs a mile shouting CONGRATULATIONS ANNA"
  • Yes, back to the topic - congrats to Anna!

    Woll22, perhaps you should have begun a new thread about your fiction?
  • "searches in handbag for a certain something"
  • Back to Topic!
    Well done, Anna!
  • Well doen Anna!
  • Yes, well done Anna. :)
  • Congratulations Anna! (and love the new word too! That's similar to what I have called them when I can't get in the bloomin' things...) ;)
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