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(Markets) Rhyme & Reason poetry & fiction competitions

These competitions are to raise money for the Iain Rennie Hospice at Home. I'm entering the poetry one. The winners will be printed in the Rhyme & Reason diary for 2012 and there are cash prizes.


Entries to be in by 30 June. Anyone joining me?


  • Can't enter, the judge is my friend...
  • Yes I am entering.
  • It only needs 400 words for the prose.
  • I just had an email to say that my poem that I entered for this competition will be published in the Rhyme and Reason book.
    Anyone else heard? The winner, second and third names are on the site. Anyone we know?
  • I just noticed it said that the book this time will be a diary. That's my Xmas pressies taken care of!
  • Well done, Kateyanne. You must be chuffed.
  • Well done, Kateyanne!
  • congrats Katyanne a good cause as well.
  • Congratulations Kateyanne.
  • I think I know OF Deborah Harvey - she posts on Facebook on another poet's comments.
  • Many congratulations, kateyanne!
  • Congratulations Kateyanne, great news.
  • edited August 2011
    Brilliant news - well done
  • Great stuff, Kateyanne! :)
  • Congratulations, Kateyanne!
  • Well done Kateyanne! I'm in it too! Looking forward to forcing my relatives to admire my literary skills!
  • I was wondering if you were. Well done!
  • I'm honoured to be in your company, kateyanne!
  • Well done, Lou!
  • Just got my diary it's very good and I can recommend it as a Xmas pressie and for a very good cause too. My little poem about my dad's clock is on the October pages, which is nice as his birthday was in October so I'm pleased about that.
    Lou I love your poem!
  • well done kateyanne
  • Well done Kateyanne and Lou. A diary lasts the whole year long. Fantastic.
  • Yours was lovely too katyanne - so much emotion and meaning in just a few words.
  • Congratulations, Kateyanne and Lou. I have a short story in the diary. It's a nice feeling to have your work helping a good cause.

    And Liz - wow, friends with Fay Weldon?
  • Well done Danfango, which story is it?
  • Thanks, Kateyanne. Mine's called "Earn £££'s Doing Nothing", about a guy who sells off his spare time.
  • Well done, katieanne, Lou and Danfango! :)
  • Love that story Danfango. Time is precious. Very apt for the New Year too and the making of new resolutions, I am determined not to waste too much time surfing the net this year when I should be writing!
  • [quote=danfango]Mine's called "Earn £££'s Doing Nothing", about a guy who sells off his spare time. [/quote]

    Oh that's a scream.

    Well done, you lot. This is impressive stuff.
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