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  • Stan — 16/07/2005 19:36:52
    The latest Harry Potter arrived this morning! I've not had time to start reading it yet. I've had to work today. But I have a rest day on Monday. The weather is lovely here in Bedfordshire - sunny but not too hot. I might start HP tonight in bed.

    Rita in Tuscany — 16/07/2005 21:00:29
    Now don't go scaring yourself otherwise you won't sleep tonight! Ciao from Rita

    Hush Puppy — 17/07/2005 09:02:02
    You mean all the H.P. mania they've been talking about is Harry Potter? I thought I had a fan club at last !
    Hello Stan. Enjoy your reading.

    Jany — 17/07/2005 15:02:23
    Sitting on my terrace, surrounded by 80 million jealous Germans, I`ve just started reading the new HP in English. They can`t get it in German till October over here, poor souls. No writing for me for a while - can`t put the darn thing down. Thanks, JK!

    Hush Puppy — 17/07/2005 16:17:59
    Hi Jany
    Was just thinking of you - I had a CD playing and the theme from "The Onedin Line" came on. I remember you said it was one of your favourite shows. Husband Seadog and I are coming to Germany in September, staying at the Hotel Pfaff, Triberg in the Black Forest. Stayed there last September and both fell in love with the place, so here we come again! Have been signed off work for another 2 months with my depression, so desperately need a holiday, and can't think of anywhere we'd rather go. You wouldn't have a recipe for Mohnstrudel would you?

    Dorothy/d — 18/07/2005 16:15:45
    Would you believe I have not read a single Harry Potter book?
    Read Philip Pullman's magical Dark Materials trilogy, it's stunning, not over written, not too heavy to hold and has all the elements you need. Harry Potter? who's he?

    Jany — 18/07/2005 17:07:46
    Hi, Hush Puppy!
    Aaah, fancy you remembering me and the Onedin Line theme!
    I shall root araound and try and find a Mohnstrudel recipe for you, although I avoid making any kind of Strudel myself, as I never get it right. As this has cropped up in the Harry Potter thread, maybe we ought to call it the Moaning Myrtle Strudel....(one of the HP chracters)
    Oh, dear, maybe that wasn`t a very tactful thing to say to someone suffering from depression, but if it made you smile...Sorry, HP, put it down to the heatwave we`ve been suffering from here for about a fortnight - my brain has melted! Watch this space for the recipe., or tell me where to e-mail it to! By the way, Black Forest Gateau is much easier to make.
    Dorothy - you have just outed yourself as a Muggle!

    Hush Puppy — 18/07/2005 17:15:02
    Hi Jany
    Don't worry about the "moaning Myrtle" comment,please. It didn't upset me. Having lost a lot of weight since I've been off work it seems only a couple of weeks ago that I couldn't get warm - now what is left of my brain has melted too!
    I can already make Black Forest Gateau. We had a mohnstrudel on holiday last year and didn't actually find out what it was until later. I've been searching everywhere for a recipe as we loved them so much. My e-mail address is [email protected] if you manage to find a recipe.

    Betsie — 19/07/2005 15:50:15
    Don't worry Dorothy - I'm a Muggle too. I like to watch the video though so does that excuse me folks?

    Dorothy/d — 19/07/2005 15:56:45
    what's a muggle? I'm a stand up and shout Ricardian, but a muggle? Not in my 15th century vocabulary.

    Jany — 20/07/2005 07:26:13
    Betsie: you are halfway to being converted, although the films aren`t a scrap on the books.
    I think one hour long with JK Rowling and you`ll be one of us...
    Dorothy: I don`t think being a Ricardian rules out being a Muggle (please spell it with a capital M - after all, this is a site about writing properly..) A Muggle in the HP books is someone who doesn`t realise there is a magical world out there running parallel to our normal lives. I should think you are a non-Muggle of the highest order! A Muggle here is someone who does not read the HP books OR watch the films because he thinks it`s all nonsense. Clearer now?

    Dorothy/d — 20/07/2005 09:11:02
    now, if I don't read the books or watch the films, how do I know it is spelled with a capital M, I ask myself ...
    No, I don't believe there is a magical world running parallel to ours, but I do believe there is a spirit world running parallel to ours and it is a world I cross into regularly when I communicate with kings, Viscounts and others ... physically, by email through a channel on this side of life or by telephone, ditto.

    Stan — 20/07/2005 12:36:49
    I'm enjoying the latest Harry Potter. I feel sorry for the Germans who can't get a German edition just yet. A blind teenager friend of mine is impatiently waiting for the tape edition - she's a great HP fan too! Dorothy mentioned The Dark Materials - I read that trilogy as well and thoroughly enjoyed it. Must go, an owl has just arrived at my window. Is this a message from ... oh, no ... it's from ....

    Jany — 21/07/2005 07:30:36
    Hi Stan!
    I`ve got as far as Harry peeling sprouts at the The Burrow, and I`m already half-way through! When does the action start??? On the last 20 pages as in Number 5? There`s an awful lot of dialogue in it, isn`nt there.

    Dora — 21/07/2005 21:56:00
    A muggle dorothy? Isn't that when you get everything wrong? Bit like when you want a cuppa, you put the kekkle on? Oh for goodness sake, the chapters in Harry are a bit long for me. Perhaps I should stop reading them out loud.

    sal — 22/07/2005 00:26:13
    Hi Stan long time no see. How about a game of quidditch? Think thats how you spell it. LOL

    Stan — 22/07/2005 17:00:24
    Hi Sal and everyone else! The HP is slow at times compared to the earlier books. I assume we will get a dramatic encounter between Harry 'The Chosen One' and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named near the end. Ah, here comes another owl - a secret message from Harry. Will Harry and Ginny become boyfriend/girlfriend?

    lixxy — 27/07/2005 12:41:05
    Don't know about anyone else but I was left feeling a little deflated at the end of HP6, I hope to god there is a 7th or I will be seriously dis-chuffed (is that a word?)

    Jany — 28/07/2005 14:28:27
    Deflated? Sad and worried I`d say... Couldn`t get off to sleep last night thinking about it all.I feel I have to read all the first 5 again to find out who those initials belong to....

    Stan — 28/07/2005 17:00:50
    The HP6 certainly has a very sad end. HP says he won't go back to Hogwarts - I wonder if he does in HP7.

    Jany — 29/07/2005 09:56:54
    He`ll have to - where else would he go to? Can`t see him being based at the Dursley`s with what he`s got planned. Ah yes, of course, there`s still that house Sirius lived in, isn`t there ...
    Yes, there will be a HP7; I remember JKR saying on TV that she`d already written the bare bones and holding up a thin yellow file which she keeps in a safe somewhere.Only hope we don`t havwe to wait another 2 years. Some of us are getting on, JKR!
  • I haven't even read Order of the Phoenix yet, talk about slow. Kangaroo
  • I haven't even read Order of the Phoenix yet, talk about slow. Kangaroo
  • Hey, kangeroo, hop to it and read Order of the P!
  • Talk about slow Kangeroo?  Hmm, well, I'll get there in a minute.  Just yous hangy on plis.
    Two Stans on Talkback? Ain't one enough?
  • Don't worry Dora - our Stan2 is the one and only Stan. He just had trouble registering on the new Talkback.
  • I got the impression that the latest HP book was more a stage that needed setting in order for the last installment to take place, nontheless i was pretty disappointed. I imagine that in HP7 he will operate from Grimauld Place, but i also have a sneaking suspicion that we will see more characters fall (not least when the anticipated confrontation between Harry and He-who-must-not-be-named comes to its conclusion).
  • HP - Hush Puppy, not Harry P - is right. Stan2 is the same as the old Stan. Wottcha mean, one Stan is enough?! Does anyone know how long we have to wait for HP7?
  • HP I liked the verse about Seadog, Pete. Nothing to do with the other HP but I liked the poem.

    There once was a seadog named Pete
    Whose fur was well-groomed and neat
    No green fields and clover-
    He was a wild rover
    The canine pride of the fleet.
  • Glad you liked the rhyme, Stan.  I'm not sure Seadog was impressed even though the rhyme is quite complimentary I thought.  He says he's a tame rover, not a wild one!
  • You know, perhaps I should whisper this but, and I don't know if I very dare to say this but oh, here goes - I don't really like Harry Potter books. I think I deserve a fanfare for the common woman for having come out with that confession. 

    Anybody else want to share their confessions on here?

    PS Kangeroo, I'm sure you'd get through the book quicker if you tried turning the pages faster, or you could try lip reading.
  • Wot - horror of horrors, she doesn't like Harry Potter. I find 'The Lord of the Rings' difficult to read, though I liked the Hobbitt.
  • Wot - horror of horrors, she doesn't like Harry Potter! I found 'The Lord of the Rings' difficult to read though I enjoyed the Hobbitt (have I spelt that right?)
  • OOOPS, I didn't mean to send that last reply twice. You see I was horrified to think of Dora not liking Harry P that I clicked 'submit reply' twice.
  • Er excuseth me Stanley but who is "she"?  And thank you dorothy/d. 
  • OOOPs sorry Dora - no offence meant.
  • Absolutely zero offence taken Stan.  The main problem I have with HP is the long chapters.
  • is the last hp any good? I`ve had it since it came out but just not got round to reading it.and I`ve never read any lord or the rings, or seen the films...It just doesn`t appeal for some reason.
  • The latest HP takes a long time to get going. The end is dramatic but sad. My own view is that it's not as good as the previous Harry Potter books.
  • I've never read a Harry Potter book. Is there something wrong with me?
  • sylvia there is nothing wrong with you - loads of people haven`t read them - and I can`t be bothered reading the latest one.
  • I borrowed the Stephen Fry version of the 1/2 Blood Prince. The ideal companion on a long car journey. But I agree with Stan that it's not as good as some of the others (somehow the magic is gone) but it's still a very good yarn. Many books drag when listened to in 650 mile chunks (eg Captain Corelli's Mandolin and The Da Vinci Code), but HP & the 1/2 BP didn't.

    Dorothy, surely the world is big enough to hold both Rowling and Pullman? (But I like Pullman's Victorian series best - especially The Tin Princess.)
  • I lost my job at the Children's Bookshop just before the last Harry Potter came out, so the big plus point of being unemployed was that I didn't have to know anything about the latest Harry Potter - customers expected you to know everything about the characters and to be as enthusiastic as they were - which is fine when it's Rosemary Sutcliff, and not so good when it's HP or the Abbey Girls (who I find terribly stilted and snobby).
  • HP won't worry, Dorothy, he has thousands of fans! And they will all buy the next HP because it is HP.
  • Yes, you will, won't you Stan!
  • YES! YES! YES! YES! - just in case you didn't read my reply Hush Puppy!!!
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