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Dan Brown

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  • Did anyone watch the TV programme where three people discussed Dan Brown's meanings of The Di Vinci Code?  Very interesting.
  • Yes, I watched it.
  • hello Betsie
    Do you think people take this book far too seriously.  I'm sure it was meant to be a light, 'what if' rather than a matter of great debate
  • It's the background information in the book that has set the world talking.  The fact that it reveals how the Catholic church overruled the beliefs and practises of others and also the fact that they covered up so much early knowledge of Christ's life.  I found all this stuff just fascinating.  When you think about the fictional characters, then yes, it wasn't so good - we didn't even know what they looked like.
  • The DaVinci code is a fictionalised version of an actual and rather serious research done by two other historians and writers in a documentary book. So, if you are talking about the facts in there - yes, they are true, and are based on actual archeological findings and theories. The theories themselves date back from 25 years ago, but it took the fictionalised version to stir interest from the general public. But they are definitely not "Dan Brown's" meanings. He only used them - actually, before he did neither of his books or the main character were popular. At all.
  • Yes - the facts were researched by the writers of another book The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail (I think that's the one)  But there is no copyright on facts - after all, facts are facts whoever unearths them.
  • but the representation of facts in certain sequence and logical connection is protected by copyright laws - that's why Dan Brown had to mention those authors in his book - but even that did not save him the court procedings he now faces.
  • That's right - we'll just have to await the outcome.
  • Thank you all for your very interesting responses.  Talking of copyright, surely facts are facts-especially when authors have to use the same sources. Only recently, J Rowling was reported to have been accused of plagiarism. Is Dan Brown really in trouble too?
  • Not in my eyes Sal but the rest of the world seems to be gunning for him
  • Thanks again.  I find your comments are far more fascinating than the book.
  • The trouble with Holy Blood and Holy Grail is that it turned out to be the most gigantic hoax - as the authors reluctantly admitted several years after they wrote it.  They'd been completely taken in.  There are some unexplained things that really are odd, like how the priest of that little village in the South of France got so much money, but it doesn't add up  to a Merovingian bloodline going straight back to Christ and Mary Magdalene.
  • I`ve never read it, am i deprived? It doesn`t appeal to me...
  • Me neither. I think its a matter of principle now, having been told by family and friends that I should read it!
    I hate to say this, but I tend to read novels written by women, this is not a matter of any prejudice, just a preference for female writers  who tend to set their books in a domestic realm (Anne Tyler, Carol Shields, Alison Lurie)........
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