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Well, this dinosaur finally succumbed... I've got an E-book out...!

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Hi all,

Hope you're all good.

After seeing many of my online writer friends taking the plunge into the E-book world, despite feeling a tad envious, I just soldiered on with the the crime novel. I'm still working with an agent, so felt, out of respect, I couldn't really break from it to bring out a short story collection with someone else. How wrong was I? My agent was fine with it, so I sent my proposal of a crime series to innovative U.S. E-publisher Trestle Press and, incredibly, within a week, MANCHESTER 6 was released... yesterday!

In the book, I acknowledge the many Talkbackers who have offered support over the years. Plus, there's a re-write of a story inspired by this forum, called FORUM OF FURY!

If anyone's wondering about doing the same - why not just go for it? Several people I trust are with Trestle and I've not heard one bad word about them. Plus, it costs nothing! Or, like Lily C, do it yer-self, which costs a few quid with cover design, etc. Or, try a different publisher, Snubnose Press, for example.

To read more on how it came about go here...

For details on how to read it (or other e-books) without buying a Kindle (I still haven't got one yet!), go here...


Footnote... My heart is still with traditional publishing, but why not try both? I'll be asking Santa for a Kindle... note to self... must be a good boy! ;)



  • Brilliant Col. You will not regret it.
    Now start planning for all those readers who will want to read more of your work once they've read this lot. :)
  • Well done, ColB!
  • Well done Col B. Hope Santa pops a Kindle in for you.
  • pbwpbw
    edited October 2011
    Well done you ColB!

    I look forward to reading your work.

    I'm planning to self-publish now. I made the decision this week. I'm not wasting any more time on submissions to agencies.

    How exciting!
  • Thanks.


    On me best behaviour for two months!


    Good for you. There are so many at it though. So try to make yourself stand out from the crowd, with an eye-catching cover... not on you, on the the book! :D

    Good luck with it.
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    Hey, it's number up to 32 in the best-seller charts above Agatha Christie... dunno really, but that's pretty good innit?


    ... not that I'm lookin' every five minutes or anything... me mate told me, honest! ;)
  • All the best with it I have a kindle and will have a read!
    Great photos on your blog BTW
  • Congratulations! Good luck with it. :)
  • Wow, congratulations, Col, what fun. I'm not sure I like the sound of 'Forum of Fury' though!
  • [quote=Col B]Hey, it's number up to 32 in the best-seller charts above Agatha Christie.[/quote]

    That is so good to hear. It's heartening to know that we can reach the marketplace after all. Good luck. I hope you sell loads!
  • Cheers, PBR.

    Just heard Trestle Press are looking for ROMANCE stories too!!! Any takers...?
  • Well done, Col!
  • Well done Col. I've really missed your stuff so it's great to be able to buy a six-pack to gorge on. Long may the success continue!
  • [quote=Col B]it's number up to 32 in the best-seller [/quote]

    How exciting good luck with this and with your traditional quest too :)
  • Way-to-go Col B. Great to get your stuff our there isn't it. Hope you make your way up the charts.
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