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Collaborating with a photographer for your blog

edited November 2011 in - Writing Tales
I had a poem published on Every Day Poets today and rather than just providing a link to the webpage on my blog, I decided to look for a photograph that might illustrate it. The poem was about Carlingford Lough in Warrenpoint, where I grew up, so I went to a website called the Old Warrenpoint Forum and found a lovely photo. I wrote my blog page, included the pic, named the photographer and saved a draft. I emailed him from the Forum, intending to upload the post when I'd received his permission to use it. He replied within an hour!

Here is the result...


Of course, if you take good pics yourself, you don't have to do this, but it might be a way of doubling up visits to your blog since several sites are involved.Happy days! :)


  • My whole life is a collaboration with a photographer ...
  • Brilliant picture.
    I've got two photographers in my house, so if I can't provide the picture I need then one of them may be able to...:)
  • Fantastic picture. Haven't had breakfast so can't read poem yet...

    ditto re photographers, we have 3 in this house, BUT I still use photographer's image sites, and can tel you Flikr is a good place to get stuff, email the photographer asking permission and usually they are only to happy for their photo to be used. And boy, are there some fantastic photographers on there.
  • Funny, Phots, I thought of you when I posted this! :)

    I do take a lot of photos myself, but I was thinking that by using someone else's they might be inclined to direct some traffic via my website while highlighting the fact that someone has used their work to illustrate a writing project. The guy who took this runs a town forum so I'm hoping he'll plug my blog! :)
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