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A reminder - read my Christmas ghost story for free

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You can download my 4000 word ghost story free at http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/113914 - in various formats for computer, kindle, e-readers of all kinds.

The story is about a woman called Carol (no relation to our Carol here!), who offers up her conscience for sale just before Christmas. The guy who responds to the advert is a wealthy banker... read on....


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    I should say that my story is part of an anthology called 'Christmas Tales', produced by Coventry Writers' group and published by Greenstream Publishing. The whole anthology is available for free download at http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/113914

    Grab a mince pie and a glass of wine/ cup of tea - put your feet up and enjoy!
  • Just read it and really loved it.
  • Awww, thanks, Kateyanne.

    If you've a moment, would be great if you could mention on Twitter sometime.
  • Sure will do.
  • You can also read the book online (for free) at http://issuu.com/greenstream/docs/christmas_tales

    - which allows you to turn the pages!
  • Would you like me to mention it on my blog, Rosalie?
  • Oooh yes please, Phot's Moll.
  • Very good, Rosalie! A festive, feel-good story. I had a feeling fairly early on that it might take the route it ended up taking, but it was no less enjoyable for that. I wonder what the going rate for a conscience is these days?

    While we're all gathered around the virtual fireside, could I post the following link, for anybody who'd like to hear another festive ghost story: http://www.lies-ink.blogspot.com/2011/12/sound-of-my-own-voice.html

    This links to a blog post including a recording of my story, "Evergreen". A man buys a Christmas tree at the last minute - but is that all he's bringing into his home? It's the first time I've recorded anything I've written and I can recommend it as a technique for spotting awkward sentences and other glitches, during the editing process.

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    Rosalie, I've made a post here - http://patsy-collins.blogspot.com/2011/12/get-lucky.html

    Mentioned yours as well, Dan.
  • Thanks for reading, Danfango. Yes, there are some clues early on for the attentive reader :)

    Thanks for posting yours - look forward to listening very soon!
  • Thanks for the mention and link in your blog, PM. Much appreciated!
  • Just listened to your story, Dan. Very atmospheric and spine-shivery. Reminded me just a little of Algernon Blackwood, not in a derivative but in an inspirational sense. A compliment - he's one of my favourite authors of scary tales.
  • Thanks, Rosalie - I'm pleased you enjoyed it. And apologies for hijacking your thread!

    I've never heard of Algernon Blackwood; I will look out for his work. Is there a particular book / story you'd recommend as a place to start?
  • No problem, dan. AB wrote short stories of a supernatural/ghostly kind. Many featured the natural world and trees. There are several collections of his stories, I think, and lots are available secondhand. Really creepy - I love them.
  • Well done, Rosalie.
    I've bookmarked this thread so that I can return to it later and download your story.
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    Sorry, posted in wrong place...
  • Rosalie,finally found time to read your Christmas Ghost Story. Really enjoyed it!
  • Thanks, Wilts. Really pleased that you enjoyed it.
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