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Four Rejections in One Day

edited December 2011 in - Writing Tales
The last working day before Christmas and I have received four rejections. Two from womags and two for my novel (one following a full ms request).
Time for alcohol and chocolate I think.


  • Ouch. (((casey)))
  • You've written two stories and a novel?

    That deserves a lot of alcohol and chocolate.
  • I think a lot of editors have been clearing their desks before Christmas. Nothing like a nice rejection or two in amongst the Christmas cards. Definitely a case of no ho ho!

    Chin up, casey. Have a good Christmas and in the New Year get them sent out again. Good luck!
  • wow, four rejections at once, that's some right hook...BUT it means you're writing and not afraid to get it 'out there'
    so enjoy the alcohol and chocolate, be kind to yourself and get back to it when you feel reignition...published writers are the ones who don't take no for an answer
  • Knickers! Not what you want in the post on Christmas Eve.
    I think the novel comes under the heading, Nearly But Not Quite, which is a heck of a lot better than Don't Darken My Portals Again With Your Inane Scribblings, isn't it?
    Walk away, have a noggin or two, and a mince pie, and come back loaded for bear - you can do it!
  • Thank you all for your kind commisserations. The two womag stories will be brushed down, prettied up and sent out again next year. As for the novel - I'm heartened by the fact that out of five agents I subbed, two sent form rejections, but three made helpful comments, said it was well written and gave reasons why it failed to 'hit the mark' (all remarkably similair). The one who read the full ms has given me suggestions for improvement, so it's not all doom and gloom.

    Have a good Christmas everyone.
  • [quote=bertiebear]Knickers! Not what you want in the post on Christmas Eve.[/quote]

    *Wonders what kind of post bertiebear receives.*
  • [quote=Stirling]Wonders what kind of post bertiebear receives.[/quote]

    Not telling!
  • Take heart from the fact that even J.K.Rowling had around 13 rejections until taken on. Folk forget she had been writing for years. I remember a lovely lady author, Nicola Morgan, telling us at the March York Writing meeting she had been writing for 20 years before success! Now that's what I call stamina, faith in oneself, and the (necessary) bloody mindness to succeed. So enjoy Christmas Casey and think positive for 2012. I've had no success this year, but stuff is still out there, and still writing.
  • If you've had solid feedback like that then there's LOTS of room for optimism!
  • Casey,

    Tenacity is the key.

    Enjoy Chrimbo, dust yer-self down 'n' crack on!

  • Feedback is good though-thats something positive to take from it. And onwards and upwards again next year!
  • Just learned I was shortlisted for one writing competition, but not happy, as I felt I had written something special. Obviously the judges didn't agree!
  • To Casey: ouch!
    To Toothlight: that deserves a well done!
  • Toothlight, I know that feeling! Sometimes it doesn't come down to how good the piece is, it's the taste of the judges that decides.
  • I think you're a star Casey - at least you've got the stuff written and sent it out there - more than some of us are doing. Well done I say but keep whacking it out and success will arrive.
  • That does sound really promising about the novel, Casey. Keep going with those submissions - you're obviously on the right track.
  • Courage, Casey. You're evidently a born writer and you'll be back.

    I hope Boxing Day is a lot better for you: new inspirations and an appetite for spewing out more characters and plots.
  • Kick on, Casey, your time will come (again)
    I'm also a collector of 'returns' but who among us - who actually sends work out - isn't?
    The fact that you've written all that work to send out at all is more than some people ever do, some folk just talk about it - so chin up, kick on and never give up
  • Just heard from the judges, that my top ten placement was out of 182 entries, so feel a bit happier....but it would have been better to be in the top three.
  • Sounds good to me. But one of those 'nearly but not nearly enough' moments
  • Tears for you.
  • Remember Toothlight- a different judge/judges may have chosen a different top 3 from this- in the end it is a subjective judgement. But well done on the shortlisting.

    Casey, it's not a great way to see in Christmas with all those rejections, but you have got valuable comments which allow you to work on the novel and improve it for the next send-out.
  • ((((((((((((((Casey))))))))))
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