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My New Book On Kindle

edited January 2012 in - Writing Tales
My new short story collection is now published on Amazon for Kindle for the bargain price of just 88p.

It's been a great process and really enjoyable. If any of you are thinking about publishing on Kindle I would highly recommend it.

Kind Regards


[EDIT BY WEBBO - link removed] Phil5, welcome, but it would be really nice if you got involved with the forum rather than spamming us with plugs for your book, please.


  • "waves"

    Bye, thanks for coming.
  • LizLiz
    edited January 2012
    Are you here just to advertise, Phil, or are you here to join in our community? We LOVE new people, and they are welcomed warmly, it's always great to hear from someone new - but we have had a sudden influx of advertisers who tell us about their books and then disappear.

    And is there a page somewhere advertising this forum as a likely place to sell books? This seems too much of a coincidence.
  • Shouldn't bother Liz. He won't be back, cept to advertise again I speck.
  • To be fair Phil5 did join last month and commented a few times, so he hasn't been a total hit and run 'member'.
  • Actually, Phil5 has added virtually the same post three times, all of them plugging his book. I removed the first two.
  • Ah that explains it, thanks Webbo.
  • Yes, Phil5, we're ALL on Kindle!!! (is that a plug, Webbo?)
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